Artist Feature: Paddle Paddle (NMF 76 Winner)

Paddle Paddle is a French indie rock band that really impress us with their style and cool grooves. They have cultivated a sound that we really enjoy from the guitars and vocals to the overall composition. Here we will feature two singles they released last year.

“The Road” is a track with some really incredible guitar work on it. Sometimes the solos feels a bit like the high point of hair metal, while other times it feels more like a clean jazz style guitar. No matter what you hear there, it’s an enjoyable sound that keeps us coming back for more. The lyrical content has us contemplating where the road is headed and how we got here.

“Good Times” has some really funky synth work on it. It feels a bit 80s to us, but overall it’s a great song. The lyrics are somewhat hard to follow the way they fit into the mix, but it’s still a nice groove. It’s one of those songs that makes you want to dance cooly by yourself… like no one knows just how much I’m feelin’ this track. Oh we know and we’re dancing too! It’s about good times and thoughtful reflection on the past. It works.

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