How to Set Up a Music Tutorial Channel on YouTube

How to Set Up a Music Tutorial Channel on YouTube


No doubt, people can use YouTube for a lot of things, and not just watching funny cat videos. For one, it’s a great platform for learning new skills. Whether you’re a first-time real estate investor or a neophyte graphic designer, you can actually learn ways on how to become better in your chosen field. In fact, there are a lot of YouTube channels that cover a wide range of topics for you to learn about.

One thing’s for sure, much of the educational content on YouTube is about music. People from different countries who want to share techniques on how to play a certain song or become an expert in a particular genre look to YouTube as their platform of choice. Moreover, when these music tutorial channels reach a certain level of popularity, they can get their videos monetized, which means they can profit off of each unique view.

If you want to share your love for music, teach people the right way to play “Smoke on the Water,” and get paid while doing it, then you should probably start setting up your YouTube channel right away!

Here are a few tips to consider: 

1. Know your niche

The first thing you will need to do is to figure out your niche or genre. While there are YouTube users that teach generic musical lessons, most of these music tutorial channels target very specific audience segments. For sure, there’s a channel for black metal fans, for New Wave fans, and even for more obscure genres like Moldovan folk-fusion bluegrass metal. The last one doesn’t exist, but the point here is to find your niche and let it define your channel’s branding.

2. Talk about techniques

For sure, many audiences of music tutorial channels are more interested in improving their techniques rather than learning the chords for the songs that they like. It’s only a matter of putting yourself in your audience’s shoes when you’re teaching them very advanced skills. The blues, for instance, seems like a complex genre to begin with. But musically, the blues is simple once you know the techniques and principles that are the very foundation of the genre’s musical legacy. You just have to communicate these concepts in a very simple and digestible manner.

3. Invest in quality recording equipment

Now that you have your skills and instruments ready, you just need to find the right recording equipment so you can start creating high-quality YouTube videos. For this, you might as well opt for an HD video camera. But the most important aspect is the audio. There will be times when you have to show how different chords sound, so opt for a quality microphone which can record crisp and clear sounds. 

4. Share across all social media

Once you have your YouTube channel set up, you can then start building your following by sharing your videos through a personal Facebook or Twitter account. It also helps to create a standalone Facebook page where you can directly interact with your audience, share new content, and announce events. From there, you can watch as your subscribers increase!

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