Four of Greg’s Favorites for Early 2018

I’m not saying that these songs are on the list for song of the year, but they are on my personal rotation. These are by some of my favorite artists making new music right now. Give them a chance, will ya? xoxox

Darlingside – “Hold Your Head Up High”
-This track is legitimately on my 2018 song of the year list. It will probably still be there in December. It’s a harmonic, moving song with powerful lyrics. This is what music should be, in my opinion. It’s one of the best songs I’ve heard in years, honestly. I can’t wait to hear these guys live some day.

Canyon City – “Shadows”
-If you’ve been reading this site for the past two years or so, you’ve heard about Canyon City. His songwriting is really a favorite of mine. I legitimately listen to music even when I’m not working on the blog. I find the atmospheric style to be inspiring. This track “Shadows” follows that pattern nicely, with a fresh sense of inspiration. The spiritual lyrics are particularly inspiring to me right now.

Darlingside – “Futures”
-Have you ever heard of these guys? Say… two songs ago? Anyways, I really like Darlingside and am happy to chat about their music. This particular track has their characteristic harmonies while also echoing this sort of Beatles-esque complexity in the string and backing track as well. I genuinely feel that if the Beatles were making music today, it would be along these lines. This is a great album I can’t wait to fully review.

John Prine – “Summer’s End”
-John Prine is an American music legend. I am ashamed to admit that I didn’t know about him until a few years ago because so many artists I talked to credited him. He is a poet with a guitar in his hands. The humility that he has is admirable. He built a career on gentle, sometimes humorous songwriting. “Summer’s End” has a melancholy to it, but there’s hope in the sense of homecoming. Fair warning this one might make you cry.

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