Six Singer Songwriters You Wish Were on the Radio

Sometimes you just don’t want to go scrounging around the Internet for music. You just want to put on the local pop rock radio station and relax. But they play trash and you’re sick of it. So here you are… scrounging blogs on the Internet. GO YOU. We hope these singer songwriters bring you great joy.

Elizsabeth – “My Comfort Zone”
-This powerful ballad has the piano and voice to truly stand out. You might compare her to someone like Celine Dion, but with a bit less of the theatrical intonation. Instead, Elizsabeth’s vocal control is accessible and relatable. The lyrics feel grounded and real, with a genuine connection to the subject she’s singing to.

Camilo Beltran – “Whispers”
-Every once in a while you find a track that just transcends expectations. I had never heard Beltran before, but this track was at another level for me. It reminds me a bit of William Fitzsimmons. As far as I’m concerned, Beltran should be on rotation with Fitzsimmons, Tallest Man on Earth, and that class of introspective singer songwriters. This is such an intimate and satisfying track. I know you want to add it to your own playlist.

Vern Matz – “Iceboy”
-This contemplative acoustic track unfolds slowly and with considerable care. It’s the kind of song that you just love right away. There’s a charm to the chord progression, the understated vocal, and the overall vibe. To me, it’s got the same appeal as something like Oasis’s “Wonderwall.” It deserves to be in that company.

Amy Syed – “These Foolish Things”
-The comparisons for Amy Syed could be all over the map from Norah Jones for the jazzy sentimentality to Amy Winehouse for the powerful vocal core. No matter who you hear in her voice, Syed’s songwriting acumen is admirable. This is the kind of track that will make you at ease that “real music” is alive and well. The layers of real instruments and a quality lead vocal make for a variegated and inspiring sonic experience.

John Rush – “Autumn Fall”
-So accents don’t always make music better, but John Rush has one of the coolest ones we’ve heard in a long time. Besides that, the acoustic guitar work and sincere melody here are excellent. Rush captures that Dylan/Petty moment from the best of 70s chill rock. Heck, I even hear a little bit of James Taylor in there. It’s just damn good music.

B Snipes – “My Mountain Home”
-This is a delicious folk tune by B Snipes. Sure it doesn’t have the frills of some recordings we feature, but wouldn’t you love to hear this contemplative track on the radio? It’s a breath of fresh air in a world that is just too busy all the time. The fingerpicking is soothing, the harmonies are like a lullaby, and the whole composition genuinely feels like home. Having lived a few years in the mountains, I can connect with this on a spiritual level. This is gorgeous.

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