The Midweek Playlist – An Eclectic Americana Adventure

Are you ready for this? Probably not. Check out this eclectic mix of American traditions ranging from folk to blues.

Dawson Hollow – “Hills and Roads”
-We have a feature coming soon on these folks since they won a contest on our site a few months back. Suffice it to say we adore their sound. I feel like the beginning of the track channels that early Nickel Creek sound that I love so much… but the later part of the track reminds me of more modern folk bands like the Harmaleighs. It’s an infectiously enjoyable sound.

Brooks Dixon – “Anymore”
-If contemplative singer songwriters are your kind of music, give Brooks Dixon a spin. His songwriting is pure and enjoyable. My favorite part here is the clean lines on the electric guitar. The whole sound balances together for a genre-defying overall sound. It’s just easy listening that feels a little country and a lot sweet. I bet it pairs nicely with a glass of wine and a fireplace.

The Ballroom Thieves – “Do Something”
-Here’s another artist we’ve covered and enjoy quite a bit. The Ballroom Thieves have a truly timeless songwriting and performance style. They have an uncanny ability to write brilliant harmonies. But I think it’s the tone of the lead female vocal that can be both smoky like the old days, but also pack a punch like the more modern diva style. The combination with the gents in the background makes for a superb listening experience.

Tammie Shannon – “I Got Rhythm”
-Boom, boom, boom indeed! This is a dance song that is ready made for the whole gang to get out on the floor and get going. The lead vocal here is just stunning. The plentiful soul in the recording is satisfying all on its own. Frankly, it’s a rare combination to find such an enjoyable dancing groove combined with exceptional vocal talent. This is a fantastically fun song!

Jack Patchett – “King of the Moon”
-Patchett is the kind of artist that defines why we have a music blog. He’s clearly an exceptional songwriter and his vocal is on point throughout the track. His song deserves wide acclaim and significant airplay. If I ran a radio station, I’d put this track on every few hours. His sound reminds me of folks like Daniel Powter and David Gray. Let’s keep our ear out for his rise!

Caroline Pennell – “Patient”
-Caroline Pennell’s vocal is at a truly gifted level. That’s what makes her music unique. This love song has a simple message and it works right now. I mean there are a lot of things I could say about my feelings about this song, but maybe the best testimony is that I sent it to my wife. That’s pretty darn good.

Sam Johnson – “Perfect Circle”
-Johnson’s style is really interesting. He might be called indie pop because of the layered keys and everything, but we think at his purest he is a singer songwriter with a real message. The vocal characteristics truly make his music stand out. The lyrical sensibility of personal development is exceptional. When you put it all together, you get the kind of sonic experience that should rise above the average songs out there.

Handsome Ghost – “Shallow City”
-Some of you will be surpised to see Handsome Ghost on this site because they’ve pretty much emerged. They’re a well-known and well-respected indie pop act. That said, we were thrilled to get their stellar submission. This song reminds me a bit of the band Owl City from a few years ago. There’s a charming energy to the song that makes me want to live in a trendy apartment in a hipster neighborhood. Ah well, maybe in the next life.

reSouza – “Your Melody”
-I love the opening acoustic guitar on this track. Just listen to that smooth and deliberate emotion in each string. Then the gentle vocal lays over top of that sound, making for something that is the sonic equivalent of chocolate silk pie. (Just me? Ok sorry) No but seriously this is an incredible songwriting and vocal performance that reminds me Joni Mitchell in her prime. This is stunning.

Ryan Dart – “Lost at Sea”
-Here you go, the purest Americana track on the entire playlist. You’re welcome for waiting for the last one. Seriously Dart sounds like he’s channeling both Dylan and Tom Petty on this one. It’s got that peaceful, easy feeling, even though it’s about being lost. One gets the sense from the feel of the song and the lyrics that he actually doesn’t mind being lost all that much. It’s more like a wandering back home song. I’m no lyric scholar, but I bet it’s a metaphor. AND I LIKE IT.

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