Album Review: Sophie Morgan – Annie EP

Sophie Morgan has a wonderful voice that is, in a word, enchanting. Her opening track and the album’s namesake “Hey Annie” is a sweet way to begin a thoughtful album. The melody lines and sustained vocal quality make for an enjoyable listen for all fans of singer songwriters, especially fans of folks like Sara Bareilles.

“Hey Annie,” what with it’s “duh duhhhhs” gets the listener singing along right away. It feels simple and familiar but really there are plenty of layers going on. The reflection on some sort of relationship – that is connection – between the people in the song is sweet and endearing. We would all love to have someone sing a song like this about us.

“The Sorry Song” introduces a different voice for the opening, which can be a bit surprising. About halfway through the track Morgan reenters, stealing the show back. The two voices dance in a duo style for the rest of the track.

“The Whole of the Moon” is one of the more poetic tracks on the album. It just feels like it should be in a movie or something. The strings establish a base to the song that feels like a bed of flowers beneath a frolicking child. The softness of the track emerges as a breath of fresh air in the modern music landscape. The hidden beauty of the track, for me, is in the subtle acoustic guitar work that provides the structure to Morgan’s poetic lyrical work.

“Hymn for the Morning” has a beautiful sensibility to it as well. The way Morgan’s vocal enters with an almost whispered style will send chills up your spin. It’s like that feeling when you’re talking to your best friend late at night on the phone and you don’t really want your parents to hear what you’re talking about. Maybe by best friend I meant crush. Shhh don’t taddle. Anyways, this is a crisp and intimate track that has quickly connected with me and I suspect will with many other listeners.

This album is a beautiful little gem. If you like quality vocal work, you simply must hear Sophie Morgan. Her vocals are like maple syrup… always sweet and they make everything they touch taste better. I am looking for more from this exceptional voice and songwriter in the coming years.

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