ETTG Battle of the Bands: January 2018 – Vote in the poll to decide who wins an artist feature!

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-Okay so this might not be the most technical intro we’ve ever done for a new feature, but we are putting our much beloved New Music Friday to rest with a new feature – the monthly ETTG Battle of the Bands. These will not be limited by genre, scope, or style. These are hand-chosen by the editors. The winner gets a full artist feature immediately following the contest. Please listen to the entries and vote in the poll at the bottom.
[Editor’s note: Contest ends on January 31, 2018 at 11:59 pm EST]

Madus – “Find Another Girl”
-This is a really catchy indie pop rock track from Madus that caught our ear right away. The basic premise of the song is not complicated, but it’s one of those concepts that we can all enjoy.
The pop chord progression in the chorus is satisfying. It’s just the kind of song that I love having in rotation, getting me to “ooh” and “ahh” along with this great guitars and vocals.

Broke Royals – “As Long as I Can See”
-The opening harmony is stunningly good. After that, there’s an atmospheric beat and quality lead vocal that blends for a really pleasing overall composition. The lyrics are inspiring, focused on finding redemption in a broken relationship. It’s a wonderfully optimistic song to get us going for a new year.

The Jacks – “Wings”
-Now tell me baby, who do you think that you are? This is the kind of rock song you swear you’ve heard a thousand times, but it’s brand new. The overall style is infectiously good. The guitar work is great but the vocal is what sets it apart. This is what rock n’ roll is all about, if you ask me.

Dry Reef – “YoHa”
-Get ready to clap and enjoy this eclectic song. Something about it feels exotic and that’s part of the charm of the song overall. It’s the kind of beat that will get you dancing. It seems to be – astonishingly – a song about courting a lover. No matter what you hear in it, though, the beat is the best party. Let’s dance!

Moscow Apartment – “Annie”
-This band can really rock, which we love. The female vocals drive home a really fascinating message about autonomy. It’s about telling someone to leave your body alone. The message is one that should connect for everyone. But in terms of the tune itself, it’s quite enjoyable as well. Never have I heard such a thoughtful social message so deeply and passionately expressed in this way.

Jack Shields – “Five Star City”
-Even though Jack Shields is ostensibly the man in charge with this band, it is a full band outfit. It’s the kind of song that just feels fun and comfortable. When the synth enters a few bars into the track, it takes on this unique feel that is part 80s, part modern, and has a delicious blend to it. Whatever “that” is, when it blends with the slight rasp in Shields’ vocal, creates a sound that has me putting this bad boy on repeat.

Exit ft. Story Untold – “Here I Go”
-Whether you call it pop punk or just a high energy style of indie rock, this band brings a ton of excitement. I love the vocal style I just call a “pop punk” style. It just soars over the kickdrum and guitars really well. The reflective lyrics, “am I the kid I used to be?” is super relevant for those of us… of a certain age. Listening to music in a style of my late teens with such reflective lyrics… does things to me.

Josiah and the Bonnevilles – “Back to Tennessee”
-Representing the folk/Americana side of our site, Josiah and the Bonnevilles bring a fantastic reflective track. While it might not be the same as other banging indie rock tracks on the list, it is an exceptional piece of songwriting. At this point we’ve covered these guys enough to call them “friends of the site.” Listen to the intricate rolls in the piano part as it rises and falls to meet the quintessential folk vocal. This is exceptionally satisfying music.

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