Artist Feature: Unique Indie Rock from Montague (NMF 65 Winner)

We enjoy featuring unique indie rock artists because there’s just so much that sounds the same out there. With Montague, though, you’ll hear layers and sounds that you didn’t even think were possible. A touch of alt rock from the 90s with some really cool modern dynamics, Montague are confidently creating something new in indie rock.

The track that got us to pay attention to the band is “Dry,” a submission that immediately jumped out for us. The band’s unique songwriting and characteristic lead vocal really helped us dig the song. But the “turn this ship around” dynamic on the mix of the track definitely set the whole composition aside. We’re eager to hear a bit more of what the band can do.

The song the band features on their Spotify account is “Legacy.” It’s a track with some creative rhythms and dynamics. The phrasing will have you wondering where it’s going. It’s definitely not a standard toe-tapping rock jam. Instead, you’ll find yourself focusing like you might a piece of modern art. Take a step back and let the energy hit your soul. Listen with something deeper and you’ll come away with an enlightening experience.

This is what we love about covering indie rock. The pure artistry here is intoxicating. We can’t wait for a full album from Montague and we’ll be following their emerging career closely.

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