Artist Feature: Pop singer Alice Gray (NMF 60 Winner)

If you’ve been watching the indie charts in 2017, you may have seen Alice Gray’s “Pink Cadillac.” We covered the track and it won our new music contest a few months ago. Here we take a closer look at some of Gray’s available music.

Here is a duo with Nolan Frank where the two have some immediate chemistry. Both have a subtle vocal style that is perfect for the understated soulful track they’re covering. You can hear what we love about Gray’s incredible vocal. She can sing with an emotion that emerges in every well-placed line.

Gray’s hit “Pink Cadillac” is worth revisiting because it shows what she can do with a bit of studio production to help. The resonating style on her vocal here makes her voice absolutely soar over the track. The nostalgic element of the song makes it so that anyone can connect with what it was like to go for a cruise back in the day. The emotional core of the song, focusing on a relationship, comes through even with the dynamic synthesizers that sometimes steal the show. At the end of the day, though, Gray’s vocal is what we should focus on her. She’s exceptional.

We are definitely looking forward to more music from Alice Gray. Unfortunately since covering her track, it seems she’s undergoing a rebrand or has stepped out of music. We were fortunate to find her YouTube page, which you should probably follow. We definitely don’t want to miss her next salvo into the pop music world.

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