Two Lush New Tracks

Lush music is tough to describe, but you certainly know it when you hear it. It transports you to another place, where you feel surrounded by the combined texture of each tone that the artist has assembled for you. Here are two new tracks that will take you straight to Lush Land.

Alexis Ffrench – Radiate
Alexis Ffrench’s compositions are welcoming a growing audience after being shared by famous YouTube artists The Piano Guys just a few days ago. Ffrench’s “Radiate” combines lovely rolled chords with an emotionally pulling melody. His use of dramatic dynamic changes and careful thickening and thinning of the texture tend to go where you least expect, without ever feeling forced or unnatural. In a genre saturated with compositions that are often barely distinguishable from one another, Ffrench offers music that truly stands out from the crowd.

Faodail – Adrift
Faodail’s “Adrift” took me by surprise. Using just three (!) different chords, they have created a soundscape that appears simple on the surface, but contains a great deal of complexity when listened to with thoughtful ears. It is a truly beautiful work of art. My single complaint about this track is that it only lasts two-and-a-half minutes. I want more!

Rachel Bearinger creates her own music, too. Check it out here:

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