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Our volume of submissions is really going up! (You’re welcome for that pun, by the way.) No, but seriously, we’re getting tons of music these days. We’ve decided we shouldn’t add more to each playlist, but we might do more of them. So the bands that make THIS list will be ones that we like and want your input on who to cover more in depth. Which of these artists deserve that full artist feature on our site?! Vote at the bottom. (The poll lasts one week.)

Maths Time Joy – “Only You”
-If you’re a fan of the fusion of electro and pop elements into an intriguing new entity, Maths Time Joy is for you. The vocals have distortion that may not be for everyone, but if you’re into this kind of pop music you’ll love the vibe. It’s soulful and interesting, keeping the listener on edge for each twist and turn in the song’s dynamics.

Wild Child – “Think It Over”
-Crystal clear lead vocal… nice groove to get you moving… and a full band that fills the sound. Oh yeah, this is a hit in the making. I can get into this track quite a bit. Anyone who remembers that “butterflies in the belly” feeling of a potential new relationship can really enjoy the song. The unconventional instrumentation for a “pop” song resonates with us.

Handsome Ghost – “Fool”
-There aren’t very many bands that fit ETTG as well as Handsome Ghost, a sincere folk outfit that write with conviction. The acoustic work along with a quality lead vocal make for a satisfying listen every time. We haven’t written a full feature on them yet, so if the readers speak here we’ll do that. “Call me a fooo-ooo-oooollllll.” It’s beautiful. 🙂

KASHKA – “Float Away”
-We’re pretty careful with what electro pop we approve here, so when we choose one it has to be top notch. The vocal from KASHKA is undeniably fantastic. This is the kind of music I imagine Karen Carpenter making if she came to age now instead of the 70s. The delicate beat and precise vocal is absolutely delightful to the ear.

Jeremy Jones – “Ways to Go”
-The thing about good soul music is that it has to permeate from the heart of the artist. There aren’t usually extra stylistic elements so much as just a vocal that people can believe is genuine. Jeremy Jones sings with that depth on this track. It’s about the journey of a relationship, but it comes across with just enough familiar lyrics to make it connect without being cliche.

Dwayne Shivers – “Misty, Morning Dew”
-This feels like a classic folk song like something Simon and Garfunkel could have written. The layered vocal harmonies are particularly intriguing. The fantasy-like lyrical content puts me in the mind of “Puff the Magic Dragon” and other tunes from that whimsical and inspiring decade of the 60s. This is unexpectedly amazing for a 2017 release.

Hookz Murdock – “Flight”
-We rarely cover hip hop, so why now? Well, this one just connected. What can we say? The strings in the background remind us of Ray Charles. The smooth vocal is worth quite a bit. The rap on the bridge sounds like Common so much that we had to check the credits. The overall style is really enjoyable, even for non-hip hop people. It’s romantic in its own way…

Paddle Paddle – “Speak Your Mind”
-This is a unique mix and production that makes a folk pop song have a really interesting sound. There’s something cool going on with the production that gives the vocal a different kind of resonance; it feels like it’s coming from a different place than the instrumentation. That said, the ethereal disconnection actually helps make the song more fun to listen to overall. This is what it means to “stand out in a crowded genre.”

The Howlin – “Harmful”
-You’ve never heard a song like this. With a vocal that sounds like Ludacris and the soul of Ray Charles, this is an incredible track. It’s a really difficult song to contextualize and explain as it is so outside of the norm. The guitar and key work provide a fantastic base for the thoughtful, introspective lyrics to shine.

Calamity the Kid – “American Muscle”
-I just flat out like this track; the nostalgic lyrics do a great job of conjuring images of my own life. The hook-heavy indie rock style is enjoyable. I keep thinking “Cage the Elephant” when I hear the band, so I guess that’s a good sign. The punctuated vocal lines go a long way in making the sound unique. There’s a ton of energy with a sarcastic element that reminds me of Ben Folds.

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