A Ten-Song Treat for Music Lovers of all Styles

If you are a fan of finding new music (which you are if you’re here), then you’ll find something to enjoy in this unique playlist. Do us a solid and share the article with your friends who also like to find music. Sharing is caring.

Alejandra Ribera – “Blood Moon Rising”
-This emotional bluesy ballad is deeply rewarding, especially as Ribera’s vocals seem to cut right through the tension in the air. Sometimes the intonation feels a little like Ray Lamontagne, but most of the time Ribera is crafting her own path. It’s a fantastic song; there’s no other way to explain it.

Pacific Range – “Santa Monica”
-Some one done stole Neil Young’s spirit and recorded a new song with it. I mean I know he’s still living, but click play on this song and you’ll hear what I mean. It’s so Neil Young, I think you could fool his original fans. I love the song overall. It has that “fresh take on an old style” quality that can make finding new music incredibly rewarding.

Mary Ellen Kirk – “Dreaming in Color”
-If pop songstresses are your interest, you’ll really enjoy Kirk. Her vocal is really wonderful, covering a wide range. The song itself has some dynamic elements from the keys through to the top of Kirk’s admirable range. It feels like an adventure – or maybe a dream – in the way the keys climb up and down the scale. It’s almost theatrical in the best way possible.

Essie Holt – “Underwater”
-Essie Holt has a unique energy to her indie pop style. The backing vocals on this track really give some texture to the song. You’ll find yourself “oohhhing” along with them. The beat starts off pretty chill, but it quickly swells into an indie pop anthem to get you moving as well.

Hotel Garuda – “Dancing on the Moon”
-So most of the tracks we find are somewhere in the thousand plays mark on Soundcloud. Hotel Garuda’s viral hit “Dancing on the Moon” has 190k plays as of this writing! What an impressive feat of a song. So I bet you want to know why people like it so much? Here’s why: it will get every person in the room dancing. With some MJ energy and magic, this is a great track!

Brooks Dixon – “Aeroplane”
-For a change of pace, here’s a country (or call it folk if you want) singer songwriter who can deliver a thoughtful and poetic line. The way the fiddle highlights the main melody and the almost-spoken lyrics works really well. It’s a prayerful and plainly enjoyable song. If you lament the bygone days of “real music” in country, give this a spin.

Aaron Taos – “Alone”
-We don’t always support electro artists, so when we do you know they’re a cut above and really stand out. Taos is an artist we’ve come to really enjoy with his consistently interesting music. While the characteristic of this track is the syncopated rhythm, but something about the honest lyrics really makes it an intriguing track. We can relate (too much?) to wanting to be left alone.

Roxanne Emery – “Seb’s Song”
-There’s nothing I can say to prepare you to listen to this song. It is one of the saddest songs I’ve ever heard in my life. It’s about the death of a child, which you learn early in the song. The way that Emery so evidently grieves with the song is really amazing. It’s heartwrenching as much as it is melodically pleasing to the ear.

Mopac – “Dead Bone Strut”
-This is one of the coolest rock acts we’ve discovered in 2017. The song’s style is befitting the term “strut” in this track for sure. The bluesy chords work perfectly for the mood of the song. The vocal feels like it’s as honest as it is cool. You can compare them to the usual blues rock bands (Zeppelin, Black Keys, etc.) but really there’s a coolness to this band that feels different than any comparisons. I’m keeping my ear on them for sure.

Kady Z – “Scarecrow”
-Readers of the site know Kady Z as we covered her about a month ago. Her style is really intriguing to us, namely the way she can deliver a line with such sincerity. There’s a feeling in this song that is like a proper old school country lament while at the same time the track has a crispness that’s clearly coming through modern music making tools. The fact that it has the mood with great quality makes for a dark, but enjoyable listen.

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