Vibe out to these two downtempo tracks

If you’re not a fan of downtempo, give it a try. It can be really soulful and rewarding if you just close your eyes and let the synths and great vox do their job.

benhurzz – “Stargaze”
-Feel the beat. It’s not exactly a hip hop beat, but there’s something dangerously sensual about it. The more you listen to the synths rise and fall on this track, the more you are pulled into it. The powerful dynamics are hypnotic and engrossing.

San Scout – “You Instead”
-I can’t quite think of a good comparison for San Scout in terms of overall sound, but I know that the vocal reminds me of Penny and Sparrow sometimes. The dynamic harmony element reminds me of the first time I heard Bon Iver. The whole track is mesmerizing and makes me wonder how I haven’t heard of San Scout before this. When the bass hits… bliss hits.

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