Two soothing singer songwriters

If you’re a fan of ETTG, you’ve been around for some pretty amazing singer songwriters. That term means something different for everyone you meet, but we take it in the broadest terms. If someone can sing… and they write their songs… we’ll consider them. Here are two we find pretty soothing.

Calli Grace – “Goodbye”
-The easy comparison for Calli Grace is early Taylor Swift, but as we’ve said before we think she’s emerging all her own. Her vocal range is versatile and her lyrical prowess continues to grow. The way that she can develop lyrics with real dynamics is so much more than the typical “pop songstress.” Fans of convicting singer songwriters will find a lot to like in Calli Grace.

Martin Kelly – “Match Already Burned”
-It’s not cool to compare modern artist to Bob Dylan, but goshdarnit I’m gonna do it here. Kelly’s songwriting really sounds like he could have been perfectly at home in Greenwich Village about fifty years ago. That said, this song deserves to stand on its own. The guitar work and lyrical complexity are iconic folk style and deeply fulfilling with each listen. And trust me, you will listen to this several times.

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