Two emerging expressive pop singer songwriters

When it comes to pop music, there’s really no easy way to describe the seeming dozens of variations. However, when we find a couple of good songwriters that seem to sit right in that Ed Sheeran pop niche, we have to share them with the world.

Terra Lightfoot – “Norma Gale”
-Terra Lightfoot has a fantastic, dynamic vocal style. Listen closely to how the vocal resonates through the track. Whether it’s careful production with reverb (some of that), or a really solid overall voice (some of that too), it’s a really delicious sound overall. Feel the power when the gang vocal enters to lift the lead higher and higher. There is such power in music and it comes through with this engaging new song.

Forest Blakk – “Love Me”
-The first word that comes to mind with Forest Blakk is emotional. This vocal style is exceptional, rising and falling with the emotions of the track itself. It’s a bit of soul, but the depth here shows an artist who is fully in touch with the song. At the core, it’s a blues song about longing to be with someone he loves deeply. I’m sure you’re thinking of someone from your life right now. See? Isn’t that cool? Music amazes!

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