Singer songwriters who help you see nature more clearly

Music in and of itself can hold a lot of emotions, but it can also serve as a catalyst for other things. These two tracks help us connect with the natural world with their own nudging and imagery.

boyscout – “Clearing”
-The title itself refers (I think) to both a clearing in a woods as well as the “clearing” of the mind that can happen with meditation and careful thinking. The meditative style of the song is rewarding as you listen for a bit. It has a calming, delightful feel to it. The term that comes to mind is sobering, which I think is precisely what the natural world can do when we’re too caught up in our manmade environment.

Alana Henderson – “Let This Remain”
-This song is truly an organic piece of music writing. You can feel the heart of the song is about a relationship, but it feels earthy and real. The synths that creep into the middle of the song help to highlight a primitiveness to the melody overall. The song’s mood is mysterious and begs for repeated listens. Who do you know that would be captivated by this? Share it with them!

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