New folk for fans of Bon Iver

If emotional, atmospheric folk music is interesting to you, stop what you are doing right now and listen to these two songs. One comes from South Korea, the other from the UK. Both bring a stunning evocative style to new folk music.

Gerda – “Confession”
-There are some Latin words in the full title of this song, but we’re just going to call it “Confession.” That’s really the heart of the song. As you move through the track with its deceptively complex style, you can’t help but want to know more about the message of the song. When the choral part joins the song, there is a tangible sense of rising with the song itself. Maybe… it’s as if joining together we can confess our identities and rise to something better. Maybe? It’s beautiful no matter what.

Ed Tullet and Novo Amor – “Terraform”
-The vocals on this track get me weak. I mean it’s just such a fascinating overall style that definitely puts me in mind of Bon Iver. But even if you don’t care about that comparison, the contemplative style is fascinating. The lyrics are a bit difficult to follow, but it seems to be about navigating a complicated relationship. I just find the song super easy to listen to and enjoy as part of the new electo-influenced folk movement.

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