Neosoul is the new sexy

Neosoul might not be a term you’re used to hearing, but it’s basically the modern spin on soul music. Sometimes it means there’s a bit more electronic influence, other times it’s just the way the song comes together. Think the heart of Sam Cooke blended with the DAW of the top 40 producers. Enjoy some here:

Lovecoast – “Lonely”
-This is a classic love song, but there’s a soulful heart to the music. You can feel it in the stripped down vocal parts of the track especially. That line “you always see right through me” is pure soul. It sounds like something that could have come out of Stax years ago, but with this modern polish on it. We definitely dig the track and enjoy grooving along to it. The lyrical sentiment is a bit naughty, wanting to be with a taken person, but it’s definitely something a lot of people can connect with.

Mesonjixx – “Motion”
-Do you feel the palpable passion in this recording? It’s part Mary J Blige and part… Usher? Whatever the influences are here, the song just feels right. This is what we like about neosoul music, bringing together fabulous influences for a fresh new sound. Sometimes artists try too many tricks to make the sound, but the keys and vocals here really make the sound pop. Even though the drums are on point, they act to highlight the great lead vocal on this track.

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