Can you feel the soul? Two incredible rising soul singers

If you’re still alive and kicking, you will feel the soul in these two emerging vocalists. We’re big fans of new soul music, a really incredible genre that preserves some of the best of the last generation with a completely new take on some elements. It feels fresh and exciting. You’ll feel it INSIDE.

Desi Valentine – “My Worst Enemy”
-This is not the first time we’ve covered Desi Valentine and it likely won’t be the last. He’s one of our favorite new soul artists because his vocal is always on point. But the sentiment of the song is also really good. It’s such a danceable groove, but the lyrics could have come right off of a Ray Charles record. People just don’t MAKE music like this anymore. We’re sure glad Valentine is charming us with his music.

Celeste – “Not for Me”
-Do you feel that chill right up your spine when you hear Celeste sing? You know you do. This is the kind of music we’re looking for when we tell people we cover soul. That vocal is absolutely incredible. When the harmonies join, you can’t help but fall all to pieces. I can’t even imagine hearing this live. It makes me want to cry just feeling the love and sincerity come from this recording, let alone experiencing this kind of passion live. In the words of an old friend, “Mmmmhmm.”

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