Americana rock to make Don McLean proud

Maybe some people think it’s splitting hairs, but we think there’s such a thing as Americana rock. It’s an Americana vein that’s a little in the Springsteen vein, but with a bit less of that hard driving element. Don McLean is the poster child. Check out a few bands we hear making this type of Americana rock.

Chris Sullivan – “By the Light of the Radio”
-Even the chords in this track sound like a classic rock tune. It sounds like something that could have been written thirty years ago, but it captures an interesting nostalgia. Having spent my own nights playing with a tuner finding good music in what feels like another life, I can’t help but enjoy this song. Calling it “baptismal light” is one of my favorite lines of 2017 and this song is really, infectiously enjoyable.

Luke Buck – “California”
-Okay don’t crucify me for calling this rock. It is! The combination of blues influences and a little bit of syncopation have me swooning for more. The organ really pops on this track, setting of the authentic lead vocal. If you are looking for a track that will make you think of a bygone era of American pop music, give Luke Buck’s new EP a spin. He’s one to watch for us, for darn sure.

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