Acoustic songwriters with moving songs

We’re big fans of magicians who can make strings vibrate and create beautiful sounds. We call them guitar players. But when a really talented acoustic artist can create a song that moves us, we can’t help but share it.

Nathan Peterson – “Dance Again”
-We’re not usually suckers for the “story” of a song, but Nathan Peterson wrote this heartbreaking song after the death of his young daughter. Once you know that fact, the rest of the song will just wreck your heart. Being the father of a little girl myself (Greg here), I just… yeah. I don’t really have technical analysis for this one. I love this song and its story. If you know someone who is grieving, maybe share this with them.

Thomas Gardner Jr. – “Back to the States”
-This is a love song, begging a girl to return home. The style here will make most people think of it as a country song, but really it’s just a timeless storytelling folk song. Gardner’s vocal is on point on this one, harkening back to some classic country vocals from the era when country started to make it big (namely George Strait). It’s a sweet, romantic song.

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