A couple of rock jams you haven’t heard (but need to hear)

Oh yeah it’s time for some unconventional, quirky, satisfying rock. It’s such a diverse genre you can’t keep up with all of it, so we’ll find the best for you.

Born Animal – “I Think I Think Too Much”
-This dynamic rock hit has some really good syncopation to it. The studio version (which was not made available to us at press) has some really nice clean lines. We think you’re really going to dig this dynamic rock tune. The lead vocal is really clean, which allows it to soar over top of the dynamic electric guitar and keys.

Derek Hoke – “Love Don’t Live Round Here Anymore”
-This is a cool 70s rock style track that puts me in mind of Fleetwood Mac or the Eagles. The organ really steals the show on this one when you get to the bridge. I mean… dudes it’s an ORGAN SOLO. Anyways, the jam is satisfying and if you listen to this without swaying in your chair, you need to get your soul checked out. Classic rock lives with a fresh new sound.

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