A Music Mix – Get moving today!

If you’re like us, Monday afternoons can make you feel every decision over the weekend. Oof. So here’s a killer list of tracks to get your toes tapping for some optimistic movement this week.

The Fine Lines – “Wanderlust Kids”
-Artsy types love those phrases like Wanderlust, but really it’s our M-O. We love pursuing the life off the beaten path. If you dig an uptempo rock sound with a nice optimistic core to the sound, this track from the Fine Lines will get you moving. It’s the epitome of the indie rock vibe, so give it a spin.

Essential Machine – “The Outsider”
-Imagine a Springsteen rock ethic with a dash of U2 big arena style. Don’t you love it already? Yep, that’s the heart of the Pittsburgh band Essential Machine. We’re definitely looking forward to hearing these guys live some day soon. The song is lyrically satisfying and has that “close your eyes and dance like no one’s watching” vibe to it. Because honestly, no one is watching you anyways and we all feel like outsiders.

The Tin Pigeons – “Home”
-I generally give the advice not to call a track “Home,” anymore, since there are a half dozen versions of it. But this song – this song goes against my advice. This is a dynamic pop folk sound that will get you “oh oh ohhhing” along with the gang vocal. It’s a fun rhythm and overall style that puts me in mind of a crunchy folk band like the Head and the Heart mixed with a massive stadium rocker like 30 Seconds to Mars. What’s not to love?

Young Mister – “Infinite Space”
-So this one is a bit more chillaxed than the others on the list, but it’s a really enjoyable song. The guitars really “glow” on this one, making for some interesting open and inviting sonic spaces. The overall vibe is intriguing for sure. The vocal harmony is understated, but deeply rewarding. If folk rock is your bag, give this a spin.

Max Frost – “High All Day”
-Although we do not condone drug abuse, this song’s lyrics are pretty funny. Since it’s coming from a major label (which we don’t often cover), you know it has to be a track we believe will be successful. It has just the right kind of chilled out vibe. We’re not real excited about how it glorifies drug use, but man we can get into that hook. *dances in chair*

Pet Fangs – “Afterglow”
-Oh… oh this song… dudes and dudettes headphone it up and vibe out to this shit right here. I mean I can’t even front and try to have some sort of intellectual reason for including this track. It just goes down so smooth. The falsetto vocals are sustained to perfection, pulling the listener into some tender lyrics that come across with this intriguing overall style. It’s passionate and the beat… is… fire.

Clouds and Thorns – “Come Say Hello”
-This is a wonderfully optimistic song that fills my heart with joy. That’s not sarcasm; I legit love this song. I love the “come say hello” singable chorus. The vibe meets with what we all fell in love with from The Oh Hellos. Funny, right? I’m not sure if that was intentional, but the song is really enjoyable in that regard. The instrumentation is not complicated, but it feels like it pulls together the best of old school community choirs and joy. I’d like to sing this one in the Round with a lot of friends.

Madyx – “Jupiter”
-For a bit of a genre mix here, Madyx comes at us with some really intense pop rock energy. The song is about a broken relationship, but the dynamic guitar work really makes it “pop” more than a lot we hear in the genre. The complicated lyrics remind me of my angsty teenage years, so it’s nice to be reminded of that. If you’re working through a bad breakup or ever had feelings of rejection, this song will sink deep into your soul. The singable chorus makes it work.

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