Highlighting Four Emerging Folk Artists

Whether you think of folk in the Pete Seeger mold or more of the recent Lumineers mold, it’s a wonderful genre that provides the backbone of our site. We often get submissions from artists putting forth incredible new music, so take a listen to these five artists we’d like you to check out today:

Daniel Trakell – “So Long”
-All you George Harrison fans out there need to sit down and take in this track. Daniel Trakell is a name that I’m starring in my notes for the years to come. This songwriting is interesting and the chords really feel nostalgic. The sentiment of the song about moving on is well delivered and rewarding.

The New Children – “Going Nowhere”
-Maybe it’s just a Beatles renaissance, but this track has a bit of late-60s Beatle magic to it too. The layered vocal and subtle intonation works really well. It might be tempting to call this pop, but I think the shades of CSNY make it as much folk as anything out right now. No matter what you label it, this is my kind of music and I’ll revisit it often.

Dylan Rockoff – “I Made a Mess Here (Symphony 22)”
-This rolling pop folk song is great. It puts me in mind of Jason Reeves, a fire-hot songwriter from about a decade ago. Now Rockoff is using similar acoustic patterns and vocal style to craft his own version of hard-hitting acoustic pop folk. The overall style is easy to groove to and reflect on your own botched relationships from the past.

Circumnavigate – “Secret”
-If intimate songwriting and vocals are your thing, you will love this track from Circumnavigate. The Norweigan songstress brings a bit of that Billie Marten charm to her own unique songs. The overall style is intimate, pulling the listener in for a comfortable pop folk experience. And when the horn helps with the bridge… you will melt.

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