Here’s some electro music – because the people love it!

Although ETTG was born as a folk music blog, we’ve broadened our horizons over the years. Adjusting to the music landscape has meant altered taste in music. At one point synths seemed like overkill, but now we see them as part of what makes the quintessential 21st century sound. Let’s take a listen to some rising stars of electro music!

Makemake – “I’m the form in the way”
-Here with this song you have a few different strains. There’s a pop style melody riding through the middle, but some alternative timing going on around it. Once the main vocals come into the track, there’s a clear resolution to the discordant elements. It’s more like jazz than anything, but it’s a great piece for those with a more sophisticated electronic palate.

Mokita and Maty Noyes – “Goodbye”
-The official category for this song is dance, but really it’s a wonderful feel good track that will have your ears smiling. Okay ears can’t smile, but really it will put you in a good mood. It’s about saying goodbye, but the beat and style reminds me of that “Graduation Song” that came out in the early 2000s. Something about the positive chords and electronic harmonies feels familiar. Oh… and not to spoil or anything, but the song totally changes after the drop. Get some!

Future Animals – “Ask for it”
-This is a seductive song if one was ever written! Remember the first time you heard Maroon 5 and you were all like “oh my gosh who IS this?” Yeah, like that. Future Animals has that incredible lead vocal as well as a sultriness that comes through like fire. The beat is good to get you moving and the lyrics will have you thinking about… well probably someone you shouldn’t be thinking about. It’s an indulgent song, so enjoy responsibly.

Josh Jacobson – “I need you”
-For the other end of the electro spectrum, here’s a downtempo song that is full of some of its own soul. The core message of the song is about love and desire, but the beat makes it feel like a track you can really groove to. It’s not typically dance hall electro to get everyone bouncing, but it has that “lights out” chill to it. Maybe try it on a playlist and get the spark going.

Magnus the Magnus – “Calling”
-This jam is so legit. Whether it’s the heavy bass at the bottom or the crystal clear vocal over the top, the song just feels like a party. I’m pretty sure there’s a very specific context about when the person is calling the other person’s name… but hey I’m not going to draw you a map. The sentiment, though, “we fall in love too easily” is really intriguing. If you listen carefully, this song is more than a reason to dance; it’ll give you some thoughtful questions about how we live our lives.

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