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These New Music Friday posts are so much fun! Have you voted in one recently? Feel free to send us some social media feedback on these picks or past episodes. What genres do you like best? What are your favorite bands and tracks you’ve found through this contest?

Lauren Ruth Ward – “Well, Hell”
-I hope you’re ready to have your boots rocked off, because Lauren Ruth Ward’s style is rockin’. The driving beat and perfect vocal crack will have you coming back for more. The obvious comp is Grace Potter, but I even hear a bit of Haley Reinhart in that rasp. Either way, LRW is an absolute rising act you need to listen for before all your friends know about her first.

Filmspeed – “I Feel Alright”
-If you’re looking for some high energy rock, Filmspeed is a great choice. The vocal absolutely soars amongst some really rocking guitar licks. It will make you feel like you’ve heard it before from some late 70s rockers, but it’s a brand new sound. The hooks are pleasing to the ear and the rock attitude drips from every line.

White Tiger Society – “Let It Go”
-White Tiger Society is a snappy pop soul artist that will get you moving with “Let It Go.” Listeners will think of the iconic late 60s era of Motown and Stax. To be sure, the sound and vibe is really fun and free. It’s also lyrically a song about moving on from something that brings you down. Much needed.

Lowercase Committee – “I Don’t Know”
-If it’s any indication of how I feel about this track, I shared it with a few of my “real life” music friends. It’s just got this infectious hook at the beginning that gets me grooving every time. The overall “indie rock” vibe is strong, but the message and feel resonates with me. It’s about that insatiable moment in a relationship, but the feel good track itself conveys that message super well.

Brett Hunter Band – “Life is Only Beautiful With You”
-If you’re a fan of Stevie Wonder, you need to sit right down and listen to this song. Brett Hunter Band is new soul music that will just melt you at your core. The heart of this song captures that Wonder and Lionel Richie moment so perfectly well. Find someone beautiful to dance with on this one.

Headclouds – “Flowers”
-When a song gets 14,000 plays on Soundcloud in a month, you know there’s something to it. But honestly we don’t see those stats when we decide on a track, instead we react to the sound alone. Here’s what we heard; glorious, glowing goodness. That’s right, it was just a beautiful blast of harmonic guitar music and an understated vocal. Like the sweet smell of summer flowers, Headclouds have us feeling fine with this one.

Motion Coaster – “Return to Love”
-There are all sorts of things happening in this song, not the least of which being a delightful jazz “hop” feel. The vocal dances along with whimsy and intrigue. As you continue to listen, you follow the lyrics into a relationship. As the backing layers grow with keys and a bit more ambiance, you can’t help but feel a rush of peaceful nostalgia. It’s basically a sad, but impactful song that I find personally satisfying.

Mushroom People – “Wisdom Talk”
-This song has one of my favorite lines I’ve heard all year and it comes from my German spirit animal. “I bring wisdom talk to the dancefloor.” It’s a really great line integrated into what I consider to be a really enjoyable dance track. I mean the drop comes and you’re all like “ohhh yeahhhh baby!” with your invisible drink in your home office all like chair dancing. Wait? Just me? Okay well this might be better for a club than your home office, but still you should totally dance with your “laidback lover” to this one.

Crashing Atlas – “I Know You Hear Me”
-One of the genres we accept on our site is hard rock. A lot of it is difficult to listen to, but bands like Crashing Atlas show that rock can be hard and still have understandable, impassioned lyrics. Whether you compare them to Evanescence or another harmonic hard rock band I enjoy, Breaking Benjamin, they definitely have that popular hard rock appeal. The sentiment of being in a difficult relationship wishing the other person would “hear” you is so relatable. It’s dynamic and so, so emotional.

Crooked Kings – “Mind Reader”
-Rounding out a list of mostly rock tracks is another uptempo and melodic rock jam. The attitude in this lead vocal is worth the price of admission. But beyond that, the song focuses on the difficulty of communication and brings in some really amazing guitar riffs. This is the kind of track that gets you doing that half drunk, beer lifted “wooooo” at the concert. C’mon… you know what I’m talking about it. It’s like I read your mind about how you would enjoy this song.

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