Five New Songwriters to Help Us Find Hope

I don’t mean to trivialize the events of the past 24 hours (mass murder at a concert in Las Vegas and the death of American songwriting icon Tom Petty), but in these moments of collective mourning we do need hope. We hear a lot of great music so we’re going to latch on to some new emerging voices to find hope in the coming days.

Skylar Bouchard – “Montreal”
-It’s impossible not to hear a comparison with The Tallest Man on Earth, but this song from Skylar Bouchard is really amazing. “Truth is I don’t know much about much…” seems like a humble statement, but the song moves into some really amazing thoughtful, loving statements. It’s a delightful track with fingerpicking that will soothe you while the unique vocal works to convict and move the listener.

Pandafan – “Selkie’s Song”
-The easy comparison for Pandafan would be the Staves. The tight harmonies from incredible female vocalists makes that comparison easy. But what I really love about Pandafan is the gentle believability about the sound. It’s about love and connection, a deeply human joy. You need this song right now.

Rachel Bearinger – “Colors”
-This song is one of my favorites I’ve found in recent weeks merely for its simple beauty. The vocal really holds up well. There aren’t a bunch of studio tricks here; it’s just a delightfully pleasing melody and a great songwriter. I could listen to this music, this thoughtful songwriting, and this calming melody all night. Maybe I will.

Simon Alexander – “White Light”
-Simon Alexander is one of those songwriters that we seem to approve every time. All of his tracks connect on that deep and moving way. Something about this track feels like the expansive west. It has a sense of openness and tranquility to it. “Goodbye and now you’re free.” Whew, that hits hard right now.

Matt Elle – “Meet Me in Montauk”
-There’s a jubilation to this song. It feels optimistic and sweet. It’s fundamentally about love, but the guitar and piano layers work to create something really beautiful and moving. The hopeful meeting in the title comes through all the various strings that comprise the song. “Save me I’m yours.” Yep, that’ll work.

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