The Best Tracks We Heard This Week

Kuzo – “Luna”

This is an intriguing electro/dark wave duo from LA who immediately grabbed our attention. While the genre is flooded with acts that can be described as treading the same ground as Kuzo, we would be hard-pressed to find one with as tight a sound as they are able to craft on their upcoming EP. Their art is not rushed, nor is it incredibly urgent. Kuzo are able to create a space and sound that is properly paced out in the style of a more mature act. The smooth and vulnerable vocals complement the electro background and beat that creates a refreshing wave of feels within the listener. Kuzo are the real deal.

Alexander Wolfe – “Breaking The Fall”

Full disclosure, we have covered Alexander Wolfe before and we love him. There are true artists like Wolfe out there. He bounces between genres as a man who is exceedingly confident in his artistic direction. Fans of early Bon Iver and Elliot Smith will appreciate his vocal range and the way he carefully layers a track until it completely erupts into a beautiful spiral. He already has an impressive catalog of music, which will become even richer with his fourth release in 2018. Alexander Wolfe might just be the definition of a buzzing artist.

OUTLYA – “Howl”

It seems like this UK act continues to drop tunes that we cannot resist. This particular track has an interesting Coldplay meets Imagine Dragons vibe with its pop sound and rising catchy as hell chorus. It beautifully describes a distance between you and those you find yourself away from. “Howl” was birthed out of experience as the act tours extensively. Let this be a warning, OUTLYA are the sort of act who has the rare ability to reach everyone and explode into every musical outlet in the near future. You’re going to want to get on their bandwagon now.

N.W. Izzard – “Gypsy Woman”

There is something about the blues-rock sound of Florida three-piece N.W. Izzard. We simply cannot get enough. Their influences are all over the place with a ‘70’s classic rock flare and a nod to blues greats from throughout history. The harmonica solo toward the end of the track is worth a double take as well. They perfectly execute a sound that is often attempted by modern acts that do not have the same amount of talent. They are young, confident, and incredible at building a sound that is both their own and a honorable nod to the past. We dare you to give “Gypsy Woman” a spin without dancing.

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