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These contests are heating up lately with some really impressive vote totals. Have you been out here pounding the pavement for your favorite artists? We’re glad to hear it! Please keep sharing the love and the great music.

Mar – “Ghost”
-This is a haunting folk song that’s sure to win a lot of fans for the rapidly rising Mar band. The sound is subtle and beautiful, dancing between traditional folk sounds and modern electrified elements. As the listener connects with the lilting lead vocal, the sound is as comfortable as home made cider for the cool fall descending on us.

Witterquick – “Lie to Me”
-Would a band call it an insult to call them Frat Rock? Not sure. But that’s the term that comes to mind with these young men, massively talented alt rock vibes coming from Witterquick. Everything about them screams big hit potential. They have the looks, the hooks, and they look like they’ve been hitting books. It’s a clever, enjoyable track good for the pop rock types.

Telehope – “Ghost”
-You know this song is a fascinating juxtaposition. It has this happy island Jack Johnson vibe, yet the opening line is about social isolation and feeling like you might be dead. It’s the most upbeat, happy sounding depression song ever. That said, there’s a cutting, brilliant artistry to the track. I definitely dig it.

Montague – “Dry”
-If you’re a fan of unconventional rock music, you really will enjoy Montague. There’s a rare moment when an artist invents something really special. The sound is special from the syncopation to the inflection of the vocal and even the mix. It’s a truly interesting song that blends maritime imagery with metaphors about interpersonal connections. It’s Jim Morrison cool, pushing the envelope of music.

Small Talk – “Siren I”
-Maybe it’s chill folk rock or maybe it’s alt rock, but what we can say for sure is that Small Talk is a band unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. Sometimes it feels like Fleetwood Mac, other times like Pink Floyd, but more than anything, it’s a harmonic, experimental delight. This is the kind of music made for festivals and throngs of strangers blending into harmony.

Leah Capelle – “Better Off”
-Leah Capelle is a talented singer songwriter that you’ve heard on our site before. What we love about this track, though, is that with a live performance you can hear just how naturally gifted she is. There’s no studio magic or hidden layers here. It’s just pure beauty, coming from a heart that seems to be humble and full of a rich harmony. The song is about moving on, but some of us are just finding you.

Freedom Fry – “Party Down”
-If you like infectious indie pop music, you have to give Freedom Fry a spin. It’s a fun, catchy song with plenty of attitude. It will make you dance without a doubt. The lyrics are light and refreshing in a world that is sometimes a bit too depressing to dance. Shades of the 80s make the track nostalgic while having a crispness of modern sound.

Stolen Rhodes – “Save Me”
-This song is about how music saves us. A-freaking-men. It’s an amazing anthem that gets our lighters out, swaying from side to side. Even if you can’t play more than a chord or two on the guitar, you’ll connect with the sentiment of Rhodes’s style here – music is a mood changer in the best way. It’s light and enjoyable.

Dan Miraldi – “Sweet Sound of Protest”
-This is an incredible song about standing up for positive things. It makes me want to join a protest just to play the song. There’s an element here that conjures up the 60s protest movements and it makes me excited and optimistic that we might see a revival of spirit-filled rock music like this with the “three chords and the truth.” This is legit!

Rachel Caddy – “Blue Sky Soda Stream”
-Shhh. Listen. Do you hear that? It’s beautiful. It’s Rachel Caddy’s heart in melodies and guitar strings. This is a wonderful track that expresses so much. Don’t be thrown off by the song name. It’s an expression of love and dedication. It’s about tenuous love and the hope of what might happen. It’s optimistic and sweet, captured in climbing, triumphant vocals.

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