Three folk tracks to set your week straight

Folk music is what we do. We’re proud to present these three talented artists and some really “hot off the press” new music that just came out in the past month. If you have friends who like this kind of thing, please share the article with them. We’ll trust they give you hugs or cookies or something.

James Walker – “Lullabye”
-This is a really sweet song, but fair warning it might put you to sleep. I mean, that’s the point. The harmony with Judy Blank here is positively magnetic. The song is one that you’ll listen to over and over, feeling all sorts of lovely feelings. I can’t think of a more creative way than to say I really like this song.

Birds of Bellwoods – “Catching Up”
-This song is a bit of a tale of two melodies. The opening is peaceful and sweet, but as the full band joins it gets a bit darker and heavier. That said, it’s a nice fit for folks who like a depth of folk rock. Fans of the Neil Young style of folk rock should give this one a spin.

Hushabye Baby – “Going Gone”
-If country harmonies are your thing, you’ll love this duo. In fairness, the music could be country or folk, but it’s all heart I’ll tell you that. The sweet lyrics show that they’ve been influenced by classic country songwriting, too. It’s a gem of a song and deserves much more attention.

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