Three Indie Acts We Love: Scott Jackson, Miner, and Canyon City

It’s really easy to get jaded with the music industry these days. The Billboard is riddled with sleazy stories and uninspiring music. So when we find these artists that we love – truly, madly, deeply (so to speak) – then we really have to share them with you. These three artists have appeared on this site before, but have some new music. If you dig one of them like we do, would you give us a shout in social media? The band would like that too.

Scott Jackson – “On My Own”
-Listen to the intricate acoustic guitar lines on this one. Then take in the subtle, expressive vocal from Jackson. It’s a James Taylor style singer songwriter vibe that is sure to win a lot of fans. We hear a lot of folk music, but rarely do we find this level of balance between intricate writing and well-delivered vocal quality.

Miner – “Together”
-If you like uptempo, optimistic folk music you’ll love Miner. They’ve been a favorite around here for a few years now. The layered harmonies and absolute all-star vocals are exceptional. We hope you’ll give this one a spin and dance with your friends.

Canyon City – “Midnight Flight”
-There are probably highly technical terms for what Canyon City do with their music, but frankly I just find it addictively good. There’s a harmonic magic that makes it really work, but the pop chords give it an optimistic glow that keeps me coming back for more. Fans of artists like Jason Mraz and Howie Day will find a lot to like with this track, especially.

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