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Evelyn Cools – “Yosemite (Acoustic)”
-Evelyn Cools is a talented singer songwriter and her track “Yosemite” is great evidence of that. The guitar strumming is just strong enough to provide a foundation for her powerful vocal. The lyrics, though, are the convicting element to the song. When you take it all together, you can travel to a special place in your mind and heart.

James Houlahan – “Joyful Circuit”
-A singer songwriter in the vein of Ray Lamontagne, James Houlahan has that rasp in his voice that makes you believe he’s been there. His easy going style feels just right. The poetic imagery helps to move the song along. The vocal paints a coarse picture, but one that with a step back appears beautiful like an impressionistic work of art.

The Wheelwrights – “Dust”
-I almost regret putting this song on a playlist like this. I really hope that it doesn’t get lost here because I find this to be a breathtaking song. In fact, the combination of the sublime melody and heartfelt harmonies might just land this track on my end of year “best songs of 2017” list. It’s that good. Sit back, relax, and enjoy this beautiful folk track.

Genevieve Dawson – “I am on something”
-Dawson has one of the best vocals I’ve heard all year. Her intimate vocal style will send chills right up your spine. This song is written like a love letter that maybe was never sent. The horns do incredible work in making the mood feel a tad bittersweet. This is certainly not the last we’ll hear from this incredible artist, primed for a break out.

Born Joy Dead – “Sinkhole Holiday”
-These Aussie rockers can bring some infectious rock heat! From the opening syncopated rhythm, you’ll feel that “something different” from these guys. The guitars really rip for a killer track and the resonator on the vocal is just enough to make it soar. It’s an experience of psych rock and “big rock” sound that reminds me a bit of The Takeover UK. Get some.

Joseph and Maia – “Delilah”
-This is one of the most intimate songs I’ve heard all year. It’s a beautiful male-female duo. The lyrics make it feel like something secret and sweet. I am impressed with the incredible vocal blending that, as I explained to a friend, sounds like Noah Gundersen with a dash of Penny and Sparrow. Outstanding work.

cole – “Thought of You”
-It can be hard for an electro track to stand out from the crowd, but a slice of genuineness will do it. This artist “cole” has captured something that I rarely hear, something like Relient K seems to do, which is to create lyrics right on the edge of corny and convicting. The easy going melody pulls you in and the lyrics will make you think of someone. Tell her you’re thinking of her. She’ll appreciate it.

Galia Arad – “How Much Trouble Are We In”
-This is one of those songs that makes me feel like a failure as a blogger. This came out two years ago and we didn’t find it until now. But we’ll be listening to this song for much, much longer. It’s got that Loretta honesty combined with a more modern country-rock stylistic vibe to it. How is this not massive in Nashvegas? It should be.

Alice Gray – “Pink Cadillac”
-This pop anthem is already taking off. We’re excited for our listeners to enjoy this powerful dynamic electro track. The snappy pop flavor here is something we rarely hear done well. It’s not as lyrically deep as it could be, but we find the auditory experience to be enough to win the track some praise.

Cookhouse – “In another life”
-Whether you call this indie pop or some sort of chill indie rock, it’s a great song. Sometimes we explain to bands that they “don’t stand out,” which is the opposite of this track. The lead vocal is really distinctive. When the rest of the band joins for the vocal harmonies, the song really takes off and moves to that “next level.” This is what we mean about writing music that emerges and soars above other music coming out right now.

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