ALBUM PREMIERE: Henry Black – Folk is Dead

Henry Black is one of the most talented folk singers we’ve heard in six years of writing on music. His penchant for a good folk turn in a lyrically-rich song is unparalleled. If you are here for something new, please click play. You’ll enjoy Henry Black’s music quite a bit! If you’re already a fan, you’re not even reading this because you’re so excited to hear him and already clicked play.

As you make your way through the album you’ll notice a few things. First, these are more polished than Black’s music he released up to this point. The album finishes on a new version of “Six Feet Underground,” a fantastic track that we featured before. Black has an ability to write an Americana style that is pallatable to many different tastes.

Don’t be put off by Black proclaiming that “Folk is dead.” It’s a very Dylanesque turn of phrase, while the music on the album of course proves that folk is alive and well. Fans of a sort of Greenwich Village vintage folk music really need to give this album a listen. Black’s guitar playing will soothe your spirit while his lyrics will jar you into paying attention to disturbing existential realities. It’s that good.

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