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We covet your participation in this interesting blend of unique sounds. Even if you don’t love every artist, it does help them when you give their tunes a listen. Does a song remind you of your ex? Send it to him. Okay, maybe not that. But if this music takes you to another time or place or makes you think of someone you love, please do share it.

Lisa Heller – “Midnight”
-Lisa Heller’s vocal sound is believable. She has that kind of clarity that lets you know she really believes what she’s singing. The song’s structure could be described as pop most likely, but really it’s just a thoughtful poetic lyric layered over an enjoyable melody.

Fialta – “Wake Up”
-There was a band we liked a few years back called the Takeover UK. Fialta reminds me of them. Fialta, though, deserves their own description as a hip, glowing indie rock band. When the gang vocal starts on this track you will find yourself “oh oh ohhing” along. It’s THE feel good song of the summer and we really hope you’ll share it with everyone you know.

Lorren – “Who do you think you are?”
-Smoky, jazzy vocals. This track gives me chills, honestly, because there’s a real smooth sensibility to it. The rhythm section is tight, the vocal is exceptional, and the horns are just icing on the cake. When some of the more complicated jazz elements twist and turn, it moves from soothing and relaxing to confrontational, as the lyrics dictate. It’s a perfect pairing of sound and sentiment.

Honey Magpie – “Home to You”
-If you are a reader of ETTG for the old timey music, you’ll love Honey Magpie. The easy comparison for them is the Wailin’ Jennies, but really they have a timeless folk sound. Whether it’s the vocal harmonies or the accenting fiddle work, the entire sound feels like it’s from another era. If sound had a sepia filter, it would sound like Honey Magpie.

BOYS – “Dreamland”
-You’ve probably heard the term dream pop but didn’t really know what that meant. Listen to this track. THIS is dream pop. The guitars glow in ambient but still valuable ways… the vocal has a nice open, echoing effect on it. The overall feeling is flighty and free. Regardless of the rock at the core, dreamland has a disconnected and open quality to it. It’s a cool sound for sure.

Mimi Knowles – “Chew”
-If you like infectious pop music you have to hear this song. It’s one of the hottest grooves we’ve heard in 2017. Seriously get into this jam. Everything from the clever lyrics to the tight vocals all work together for a great time. Put this on and cruise down main street with your friends.

Joe Marson – “Lost in the Sun”
-All blues are love songs and this is a sad one. There’s a ton of heart in this track. I love the way the depth of despair comes through on this one. But there’s hope here; “I don’t wanna feel numb.” The guitar gently weeps on this one for sure. Give it a spin. Your heart will thank you.

Billie Ellish – “Watch”
-You might be wondering why we’re covering an artist as big as Billie Ellish. Well, two reasons. First, because she sent us her song. Second, because we think she’s still emerging. If you haven’t heard this breathtaking vocal style you really need to stop everything and click play. It’s pop music, sure, but it holds a depth and heart that comes through purely in Ellish’s vocal performance.

Charles Walker – “All that you need”
-So the blues don’t always come in the same kind of package. This song stylistically sounds like a folk song, but if you listen to the lyrics you’ll hear a certain blues sentiment. This heartbreak song is quite genuine. It delivers a lonesome sweetness that will keep you coming back with empathy in your heart.

MAWD – “Summer in a Dream”
-If you’re a fan of hand-clappy folk music like The Head and the Heart, you’ll love MAWD. It’s that beautiful hybrid of folk instrumentation with more of a pop sensibility. It’s hard for me not to hear an Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros sound here, too. The lead vocal is exceptional, making for a depth of sound and emotion that really pops.

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