Artist Feature: Mike Errico (Winner of NMF Ep 48)

Mike Errico is a storyteller with a guitar like many folk singers of old. His style mixes modern rock music with an older storytelling style.

“Here’s to the End of the World” feels like a folk song that met with a 90s alt rock track. The minor chord progression makes for a really pleasing sound. The vocal is deceptively difficult, rising and rolling along. If you’re a fan of the REM classic about the “end of the world,” you’ll find this track inhabiting a similar space.

“The Aricebo” is a definite alt rock track. The lyrical style is almost spoken. It seems to be about some sort of temptation. The guitar work on this track is really different, but it seems to usher in a sense of adventure. There’s a feeling of 90s alt rock on this one, too.

“My Sinking Ship” is the track that won Errico this feature. It’s a thoughtful, contemplative folk rock style song. The vocal is subtle compared to the other tracks he’s done and it really seems to work. The lyric “find me when your time is wearing thin…” really pops for me. It’s layered over a really good melody and it captures a human response. That’s good songwriting.

If you’re a fan of 90s alt rock and or folk rock music, you’ll enjoy a lot about Errico’s music. “My Sinking Ship” is one of those hidden gems that remind us why we love blogging. It’s a really thoughtful track that truly stands out; you’ll not find an easy “oh I’ve heard this before” song for it, making it truly a standout track for Errico.

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