Ten Rowdy Rock Songs to Get the Week Going

Okay so maybe “rowdy” is up to the beholder, but still. We dig these rock jams and hope you will too. If you’re as pumped as we are for the nice weather and chill schedule, go ahead and follow the Soundcloud links to these crazy cool bands.

The Cosmic Coronas – “Desperation Blues”
-Fans of Grace Potter will love the sound of this lead vocal. The reverb-laden guitars playing blues chords is sure to appease a lot of sad souls out there. The song might not really scream beach vibe, but it certainly does feel like them deep southern swamps. If you don’t hear the Potter vibe, listen for a Creedence croon.

The Hangmen – “Heartbreaker”
-It’s okay to say it; these guys remind you of the Beatles. I know that’s blasphemous in some circles, but we’ll let you say it here because it’s true. The opening lines are pretty chill and have you thinking “I like this” but when the harmonies enter the track, it becomes fabulously timeless. From the timbre of the lead singer to the perfect amount of resonance on the guitars, it’s a classic rock sound that sounds as crisp as 1968.

The Federal Empire – “What Are We Fighting For”
-This is an engaging and powerful track. If you like Imagine Dragons and socially conscious rock music, this is one for you. The beat is infectious and really captivating. It’s the kind of track that makes you glad for the future of the world. There are still people out there writing music with power and meaning. Whether it’s the gang vox or the big beat, it’s a song that can get your whole body moving.

Ruby Bones – “Chemical”
-Whether you dig early punk rock or just today’s indie rock, Ruby Bones are probably a sound you’ll enjoy. The guitars move along nicely, tapping out a nice high compliment to the gritty vocal. The drums, though, seem to steal the show with this one. It’s not every day that the hit of a drum gives a rock track its sexiness, but it does here. The layers come together like something from Joy Division. Killer stuff.

The Solarists – “Dream Girl”
-Young the Giant – that’s the band you’re thinking of. It’s okay, we hear it too. The sound is absolutely infectious. Just go ahead and put this one on your summer playlist because it hits in all the right ways. Whether it’s the bellowing lead vocal or the hooky guitar parts, it’s a wonderful track. I love that light feel to the guitars on the chorus. I want to hear these cats live, for sure.


Margot Polo – “Sweet California”
-Do you feel that golden sound? It’s about the golden state, after all. But seriously the guitars and images of this track and absolutely wonderful. As the song rolls on, the harmonies really make it pop. It’s gloriously fun and feels like sunshine to your ears. It’s about travel and adventure, but it’s also really a liberating song. I love the way it SOUNDS, as silly as it is to type that on a music site.

Monument Monument – “Some Adventurers”
-Now for a little bit of alt rock. You might hear some pop punk here and that’s alright. But the sound overall is based in some great major chords and subtle harmonies. The easiest comparison might be Jimmy Eat World, but the sound feels fresh, not dated at all. The nostalgic elements of the lyrics combined with a sound that I associate with my high school years makes for a… well… emotional listen. Lovely.

The North Panics – “Haven’t You Heard?”
-We don’t always like tracks with a lot of effect on the vocal, but this one really works. It’s got that punctuated beat, along with a really dynamic and powerful rack of guitars to fill in the sound. It reminds me of a hype song for a sports montage. The whole “top of the world” notion suits that, too. The balance of hot rock and cool blues really works for this track. Get some!

Liteyears – “Feel You in My Bones”
-Inspiring music is always right on the edge of feeling a bit too corny, but Liteyears hit that balance perfectly. Feeling more like U2 or Imagine Dragons, the sound is really enjoyable and keeps me listening over and over. The beat keeps it moving and the harmonies are full and vibrant. This is really an inspiring track that makes me want to get out and make a difference. The fact that it’s romantic is an added bonus because it makes love feel powerful, not meek (which it is!). Wonderful!

Coastal Clouds – “Bottle of Sunshine”
-This track feels like it was just uncorked from a time capsule. I can’t quite put my finger on who it sounds like, but I don’t really mind because I just enjoy it so much. The chord progression reminds me a little of the Beach Boys, but the style is a little more like “poppy” Doors. In any event, this is a great song. It perfectly fits a summer beach vibe and I think you should kiss someone beautiful while you listen to it.

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