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Whether it’s unseasonably warm in your neck of the woods, or you’re feeling that ridiculous early summer busy patch (just us?), you’re in need of some chill music. We get it. Let’s keep the “Who let the dogs out” anthems aside for a bit longer while we enjoy some summer chill here on this unique playlist:

Dawncall – “Everything Within”
-The track opens with some inspiring piano music, but hang on because there are some luscious bass lines that are going to win you over in a heartbeat. Some of the top sounds are a bit out there, but the solid bass filling in the main melody is just outstanding. It will set the mood and make you feel like you’re exploring an open world in a video game or like you’ve finally landed on a new planet to explore. There’s hope in it, that’s all I can say.

Erith – “Weak”
-If it’s cool, spine-tingling vox that you’re looking for, Erith can do that for you. The rhythm is a bit faster than you might suspect for such a chill, vibed out track. The way the synth, beat, and vox all blend together is something special. It’s perfect for zenning out in the midst of a frenetic time. Close your eyes and ease into this one. If you get flashes of Maggie Rogers while listening, you’re not alone.

Cecelia Ebba – “Sweet Summer Wine”
-The easy comparison for Cecelia Ebba is Lana Del Ray. But honestly, Ebba deserves her own category. The way her voice resonates on this track is the pinnacle of mysterious. I just want to talk to her. Who ARE you? I would ask. The layered vocal over atmospheric electric guitar lines works perfectly. Sure, I’ll raise a glass of sweet red with you.

Los Colognes – “Unspoken”
-I really can’t put my finger on who these guys sound like, but I definitely feel a “flavor” that really clicks with me. There’s a bit of Phil Collins or Eagles in there sometimes, but I think the reality is that Los Colognes invented a style all there own. The way the electric guitar riffs out over the chill vocal really resonates. It makes me think of the early 90s, if it’s any consolation.

David Ryan Harris – “Fascinating”
-The vocal quality from David Ryan Harris reminds me of someone like Lionel Richie. The power is there and the control is solid. Some of the elements of the melody can be a bit rich for some palletes, but the vocal steals the track for sure. It reminds me of a late 90s version of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” that I found in the recesses of my memory. It must be good if it resonates that deep.

Ghostdad – “Not My USA”
-Think of the prayerful pacing on Eagles’ “Desperado.” Then, take that style with some really powerful resonating piano and a contemplative vocal. It’s really a great balance and it works. There’s an urgency to the political realities in the lyrics. But more than the sum of its parts, “Not My USA” transcends as a Red Hot Chili Peppers meets chill old 70s pop rock genre blend. It works. Hear them out.

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