Two Intriguing Instrumental Tracks from Faodial and Paddy Mulcahy

Some call it neoclassical, others call it acoustic, or even still sometimes atmospheric. Whatever you call it, have your coffee ready because this stuff will put you right to sleep. Just kidding. It’s compelling and great for stimulating your mind for studying or relaxing.

Faodail – “Wren”
-You can feel the raw emotion rising and falling in this track. If you’re looking for something to help you sort out your thoughts, I really think you’ll enjoy Faodail. Beware it’s not all as calm as the opening. There’s something akin to an electronic “drop” that gets things moving nicely. It’s… eclectic in the best way.

Paddy Mulcahy – “Sophie’s Theme”
-Maybe this is technically new age rather than neoclassical, but really aren’t we just splitting piano strings at this point? It’s wonderful and engaging music. I don’t know who Sophie is, but if she inspired something this beautiful she must be quite a lass. In any event, stick around for the electro elements because as much as I like the old timey piano sound, the full balanced sound really is entrancing.

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