New Music Friday – Episode 47 – Vote in the poll to decide who wins a full album review!

New Music Friday is one of the consistent things in your life. Here you are, ready to vote again and help change the life of yet another groundbreaking artist. Okay, well, we’re not quite to that level, but we’d love if you found a band that you will follow for years to come. Which of these tracks will be the one that opens a new world for you? Click play and find out!

Bandits on the Run – “Funky Ghost”
-This track has a moving rhythm and some incredible vocal harmonies; color me interested. There’s a real energy to this track. The repetitive “I’m here with you” is about presence and personal connection, so even the lyrical theme pops for us.

December Fades – “Is it love”
-This is an emotional throwback song. It has overtones of emo from the 90s. The “I can feel you in my blood” lyric will have you thinking of the one that got away and those six months you wore nothing but black. No? Just me? Anyways. Moving on. It’s actually a great song. Don’t let my ruminations detract from what is a thoughtfully put together track questioning the quintessence of life, that is love.

The Pick Me Ups – “Need From Me”
-Sometimes I struggle to explain the nuances of rock music, but I can comfortably say The Pick Me Ups are cool indie rock. The drum, strings, and vocals all come together for a really satisfying sound. There’s not an easy comparison, but if you’ll join me in the way back machine maybe Oasis or Bush might work as a comparison. They deserve to be in that company, too.

Dutch Criminal Record – “Room with a View”
-The easy comparison here are the Beach Boys. That said, this is a really satisfying recording. It’s a lot of fun and will make you want to head right out to the beach. You can almost feel the ocean breeze flowing through your hair in the space between those snappy little strum patterns. It’s a great song for late spring and early summer.

Yoke Lore – “Only You”
-Some sounds are really difficult to describe with words and Yoke Lore’s sound fits that. They are a hit, though, for sure. Maybe it’s easily called electro pop or something, but it really does an amazing job of fusing together what we love from an artist like Ed Sheeran with the massively popular electro pop genre overall. Impressive stuff, honestly.

Levy and the Oaks – “Out of the Blue”
-The harmonies on this song are outstanding. I could listen to this all day. It’s a really captivating alt pop sound. The emotional lyrics require a few listens, but when they hit you they are excellent.

Wired to the Sky – “Work to Live”
-Canadian singer songwriter Wired to the Sky sings with depth and passion. This song is about hard work and don’t we know it. It might be called Canadiana up north of the border, but we can totally relate to the sentiment of the song. It’s a spirit not heard much in music since the 60s. Dig it.

National Park Radio – “Mighty Mountains”
-If you’re a fan of the Lumineers, you’ll enjoy this track from National Park Radio. It’s a fun, strings and harmony song. The beat will get your toe tapping. The sensibility of going into nature to find your bearings is important, especially in this day and age. Timely and delightful.

Misty River – “Sleepwalking”
-This song takes my breath away. I can’t fully explain how the parts of the song hold such power, but they do. It’s the “it” factor that I try to explain to people. The harmonies are great, but there’s something special in the tone of the lead singer. The lyrics and full composition resonate, too. It’s just… a beautiful piece of art.

Taller Tales – “Lay Down and Die”
-This song packs a punch; it’s a great Arctic Monkeys style rock song. You’ll find yourself moving to the beat, but also feeling the dark sense of rejection and pain in the song. While it starts with a pure rock style, it does move into more of a pop rock or even a dance feeling. Fans of Maroon 5 might hear some familiar inflections here, too.

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