Three Top Pop Rock Tracks

We tend not to “rank” songs or albums around here, but seriously these are three of the best songs we’ve heard in the pop rock genre this year so far. Let’s get rockin’ this morning, shall we?

Selves – “Somebody’s Gonna Get It”
-Selves is the project of Geron Hoy, an incredibly talented pop rock songwriter and artist. This song puts me in mind of Cage the Elephant. The sound is addictive and strong. I was so into this one I actually checked out the rest of his music on Soundcloud. I was not disappointed. IF you have a few minutes, check him out.

Bootleg Rascal – “With You”
-Take some glowing old school vibes from the 70s and blend them with a snappy modern sensibility… that’s what you get with Bootleg Rascal. Heck, it’s even a cool band name. But the layers of the sound is truly unique and artful. If you’re looking for a new pop rock band that doesn’t sound like everything else you’ve ever heard, you need to check out these Aussie lads.

CHAMPS – “The Garden is Overgrown”
-The image of an overgrown garden is all to familiar for some of us, but the metaphor is even better. So much clutter and materialism. Besides the message, though, this is just a really enjoyable song to listen to. Embedded in a fascinating a UK indie scene that travels nicely around the world, it’s a sound that makes pop rock acts like MGMT proud.

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