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Tors – “Merry Go Round”
-Fans of Fleet Foxes have been missing that sound for years now. This band Tors comes pretty close to that harmony rich magic. This song feels really familiar when you really dig in, but it might just be because I can’t stop listening to it. It’s harmony filled pop folk music for the win.

Jocelyn and Chris Arndt – “Footprints on the Moon”
-If you like Grace Potter, you need to click play on this track. Seriously Jocelyn Arndt can flat out sing. There’s so much attitude in this track it’s stunning. The lyrics are really about success and inspiration. It’s a cool track across the board.

Jarvis – “Brokenhearted”
-The easy comparison for Jarvis is Ed Sheeran, but in some ways I like this style better. The soul here is evident, more along the John Mayer or Allen Stone lines. That said, the song’s core is really deep in love and longing. It’s more poem than song, but that’s totally alright by me.

Peach! – “80s Mercedes”
-We don’t usually include covers around here, but this one is just too much fun. Have a dance, will ya? Great execution and a ton of fun, we just couldn’t pass this up.

Old Flame – “Smoke Show”
-The promo materials on this track compare them to Jefferson Airplane and that is spot on. I love this sound because it feels retro and brand new all at the same time. I can picture these folks touring to all manner of wild summer festivals. They lyrics and composition are appropriately toeing the line of vintage and psych rock. Addictively good.

No Volcano – “Walk into a Wall”
-Something about the tone on these guitars makes me happy. Then when the creative, poppy melody line leads into some really intricate vocal harmonies… I just take off. Seriously you should see me listen to this song… it’s positively hypnotizing. The mind altering element here is probably not an accident. Shades of Pink Floyd or even Steve Miller Band, it’s a timeless rock vibe sure to win a lot of fans around here.

The Middle Coast – “Some Way”
-Whether you hear the Ben Folds style or the older Hall and Oates flavor, this is a harmony-laden pop rock track that is super easy listening. The lyrics help the listener think about a beautiful, comfortable relationshp. But the way it all goes down so smooth is totally reminiscent of the 70s, even though it’s a brand new album. So delicious.

The Rassle – “Shake”
-Pretty impossible to listen to this track and not think of Arcade Fire. That said, there’s legitimately a cool vibe to this track that is unique to the Rassle. The harmonies are rich and satisfying, but it’s the driving rhythm that keeps me interested. While it’s obviously a party rock style, the pure fun factor makes it worth a mention here.

Kari Arnett – “Heavy Heart”
-For reference on how much I appreciate this song, I immediately stopped to share it on my personal social media. The song gives me chills right up my spine. The comparison that stands out for me is Jason Isbell, writing with sincerity and depth. Others might hear someone like Patty Griffin here. In any event, Kari Arnett is an absolute rising star and we plan to keep tabs on her career. What an amazing track.

TelyKast remix of Bryce Fox – “Coldhearted”
-We rarely cover remixes around here, but this one caught our attention. The vocal is obviously strong, but the mix feels really comfortable and enjoyable. The groove is good and the sound seems infectiously good. We can imagine it bumping through headphones all over the world.

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