#NewMusicFriday – Episode 44 – Vote in the poll to decide who wins a full album review!

This week we have a real variety for you.  There’s a bit of rock, of course some acoustic singer songwriters, and maybe a few unexpected sounds in there as well.  We love putting these together, so sit back relax and listen to them all.  When you’re done, cast your vote at the bottom of the page.

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The Spiral Electric – “Live for Love”
-You need to stick around through the intro and hear the main melody of this song.  If you do, you’ll be reminded of classic tunes like “Hey Jude” or “Age of Aquarius.”  It’s really an amazing sound that builds and builds.  If you are in a hurry, don’t bother.  This is the kind of hippie love song that you have to want to enjoy.  And wow, does the artistry come with an incredible pay off that feels equal parts spiritual and auditory.

Cardinal Harbor – “Alter Ego”
-Remember that first time you heard Bon Iver and your hair stood on end? Well get ready to feel that again. Cardinal Harbor are absolutely the real deal when it comes to post rock glory. They have this sound down perfectly. In some ways, this is the kind of sound I wanted to hear out of 22 A Million. I love the chilled out vibe and stellar vocals on this track.

Billy Keane – “Moment”
-The easy comparison for Billy Keane is Hozier, but really he’s blazing his own folk songwriting trail. This is an excellent song that makes you reflect on a variety of moments and experiences in life. The sentiment “I was yours for one moment” is beautiful for anyone looking back on fleeting moments from our intimate past. The guitar and vocals work gently and purposefully together.

Fred Page – “Another Last Time”
-Sometimes people try to call their music just because it has a few hooks or a nice catchy melody, but goshdarnit if Fred Page hasn’t nailed the genre with this one. This is pop rock music to the highest degree. The echo on the drums, massive backing vocals, and soaring lead all come together for a sound that is equal parts infectious and interesting. Please don’t take “pop” for shallow; this is a complex and intriguing track.

Arnold Kwon – “Can’t Let Go”
-I keep listening to this song over and over… you might even say I have trouble letting go of it. Okay, sorry, that was lame. But the point is this song is really great. The lead vocal works nicely, but it’s really the composition. The harmonies and full, yet minimal, sound is really satisfying. I guess you could just say it’s comforting. It definitely makes me want to hear from Kwon.

Danielle Grubb – “Ready, Set, Go”
-Baby, it’s alright. Seriously this is such a go getter track. If you listen to this without a sense of soul… and taking over the world… I’m not sure about you. It’s an addictively good song that pushes me along. I love that it feels relatable for all of us, but you can tell there’s a real intimacy to it (written for someone specific). The groove hits just right.

Nick Shattuck – “The Stars”
-Nick Shattuck’s tune “The Stars” staggers that line between good old fashioned rock n’ roll music and what you might call Americana. Whatever the heck you want to call it, this is a good song about existence, life, love, and making the most of who you are. It’s really inspiring. I could picture this being an anthem for a motorcycle ride or something like that. There’s natural and philosophical imagery that seems to rise above typical rock tropes… and I dig it.

Dakota Jones – “Black Light”
-This groovy new soul track reminds us of Lake Street Dive. The vocal is really solid, conveying a wide range of emotions from seduction to inspiration. The rhythm and horns are really outstanding, too, making you want to get up and dance. It’s a jam that we can get behind for sure. Throw it on a playlist for your next party; I guarantee your friends will be asking you, “who is THIS?”

Novo Amor – “Carry You”
-This atmospheric indie electro song is sure to make some fans for Novo Amor. The sound textures are vivid, pulling the listener into a gorgeous vista. The vocal is falsetto and super smooth. It feels like a dream with impeccable sound. Just close your eyes and take this one in… imagine something more beautiful than reality. That’s what this song can do for you.

Morrissey and Marshall – “She’s Got Love”
-This is an infectious pop folk hit that reminds me so much of Good Old War I could squeal. The harmonies here are just outstanding. Even the chord progression and lead vocal reminds me of Keith Goodwin (GOW) that I wondered if he had anything to do with this project (the answer is no from what I could find). This is going to be a MASSIVE hit on radio. Make sure it gets the airplay, okay?

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