Artist Spotlight: Arpeggi – Emotional singer songwriter (#NewMusicFriday – Ep 35 Winner)

Arpeggi has a subtle style that we really appreciate around here. The track “Songs Don’t Help” won our contest, so we’ll start with that one.

The opening of the track is really enjoyable acoustic guitar work. As the song goes on, soft, gentle vocals enter the sound. Although the vocal does waver in points, it holds onto an emotional core that keeps the song interesting.

The next track “Get a Little Lonely” is interesting in a different way. With a melody that is reminisicent of the post punk world, the dissonance comes across as artful. It’s an alternative style that is sure to appeal to some fans of 80s art rock. The sense of “suffocation” in the lyrics is really fascinating.

The track “Oh,” a play on the artist name “Arpeggi” then “Oh” is quaint. The guitar work sounds cool. It’s a lofi aesthetic that we appreciate. It would be great to hear some of these bouncing, noodling lines included in a song. The track “A Minor Setback” has a really satisfying vibe to it. Honestly, it might be my favorite of Arpeggi’s tunes as it shows off a variety of guitar abilities.

We typically wait until an artist has a released album for a feature like this, but Arpeggi won our contest fair and square. We wanted to make sure to feature the music here. If you’re a fan, check out Arpeggi’s SoundCloud page and follow for more.

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