#NewMusicFriday – Episode 43 – Vote in the poll to decide who wins a full album review!

The thing about #NewMusicFriday is that most of the time it’s people promoting their own albums. That’s cool and we support them, for sure. But here you get the pick of the litter. The proverbial cream of the crop. The best of the… you get the idea. Click play. Listen. Vote at the bottom.

Zuric – “Past Has Passed”
-If you like a driving electro beat, this track is for you. It has just the right amount of resonance that sticks with you but doesn’t drive through your head like a thumping bass. The track gets your feet moving and head bobbing.

Delta Crash – “Shimmer of Time”
-You can call it plain old indie rock or something more sophisticated than that, but we just really like this sound. Delta Crash sound like they’re having a blast up there. The track seems to rise up over the horizon, like a plane at takeoff. The lyrics seem to reflect on a bygone era with mixed emotions. Yep.

Emma Vandyk – “Souvenirs”
-This is a beautiful song. The vocal is great, for sure, but I am more impressed with the overall composition. The way the chords climb chromatically gives the whole character of the song a really effective style. It’s easy to listen to, but also wonderfully reminiscent of people who we wish could be their old selves. Oh how we wish. But people change. 🙁

Odina – “Why’d You Make Me Cry”
-Odina’s incredible vocal, lyric-driven style reminds me of Deer Scout. It’s a gorgeous, captivating musical flavor. The thoughtful, emotional cry of this song is almost too much to bear. Every line sounds like it’s the last, most important thing she’s ever sung. Phenomenal.

Tyler Edwards – “Southern Belle”
-Tyler Edwards makes the kind of music that is why we started this site. He’s really talented and it comes through in both the melody and the vocal. He sings with emotion and conviction. Folks who have never met a real southern belle won’t understand this track totally, but for those of us who have you’ll understand the pedestal she’s put on here. It’s really a grandiose song for good reason.

Passport to Stockholm – “Shine On”
-If you like indie pop rock, you really need to check out Passport to Stockholm. The style is infectious and energetic. I really enjoy the mix on the vocal; it seems to rise just above the music. It reminds me a little of bands like U2 or 30 Seconds to Mars. The entire aura of the song is enticing, honestly.

Rosie Tucker – “Fault Lines”
-If you’re a fan of Jessica Lea Mayfield, you’ll love Rosie Tucker. The art rock style here is fantastically interesting. I can’t help but think of being in a really trendy coffeeshop or book store when I hear this track. Tucker’s vocal is spot on for the sound, not exactly “sweet” or “salty.” It’s just clear and communicates the sincerity of the really thought-provoking lyrics. It’s the guitars, though, that take this track to the next level. I’ve never heard anything like it – in the best way possible.

Miles Recommends – “Crazy House”
-This is mysterious rock music. You’ll find yourself feeling a bit befuddled, like you’ve stumbled down the rabbit hole with Alice. But then, suddenly, happily there will be a joyful backing vocal that helps it all make sense. But the spinning, rattling, endearing harmonies all make it feel like a legit crazy house. It’s a delight.

VVaves – “Falls Apart”
-This track from VVaves is definitely a hit. It has all the trappings of a deep house chill track. It gets your head moving and creates an ambiance of being in synch. Do you feel it? There are shades of the past (80s, mostly) but also this fresh modernness that is captivating. Do tell us more, VVaves. Don’t worry about falling in love and falling apart. It will be okay, we promise.

Grace Freeman – “God Forbid”
-This is an amazing little song by an extraordinarily talented singer songwriter. Grace Freeman might be easily compared to someone like Ingrid Michaelson, but honestly she stands on her own right. I’d like to see her in the same company as folks like Dodie Clark, too. The lyrical balance is equal parts witty and sophisticated. I bet she’d get along well with Rusty Clanton. This is wonderful – did I say that already?

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