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If you’re looking for some new tunes, look no further. If you’re just here to vote for a band that sent you… thanks for coming, but kapow that “like” button and come back for more. We have over 1400 articles over the past 5 years, so you won’t get bored – we promise. Let’s jam!

The Relationship – “Break Me Open”
-If you remember the massively popular band Weezer, you’ll know the name Brian Bell. His work as guitarist there helps to inform his new project The Relationship. Preferring a more art rock vibe and less of a pop flavor, The Relationship embodies a particularly interesting style of indie rock music. We’re sure some of our readers with more artsy palettes will enjoy this jam.

Anya Marina – “Serious Love”
-The easiest comparison for Anya Marina is Lana Del Rey. The smoothness is contagious from the start. The song feels intimate and even a little sultry. The listener gets the sense that there’s not much acting going on here. The love she’s singing about is deep and meaningful. There’s a real magnetism to it. Do enjoy.

Van Beek – “All About You”
-I shared this on my personal social media with the tag “disco isn’t dead… it’s not even sick!” That’s pretty much how I feel about this track. If you can listen to this without dancing I’m not even sure why you’re here… like seriously it’s the most amazing dance track I’ve heard in months. The message – lately it’s all about you – might could potentially be about a narcissist leader near you. Or 3000 miles away. Who knows? Good song.

Volunteer – “In the Unknown”
-This is a wonderfully inspiring pop rock song. Whether it’s the building worshipful sensibility or the atmospheric backing sounds, it’s a track that fills me with joy. There’s a solid lead vocal along with an arena-bursting sound to it. Think Coldplay. Think inspiring and positivity. For fans of Sleeping at Last.

Brave Native – “My Head, My Heart”
-There’s a powerful rock style here that keeps the song afloat. The drums really take the lead on this one. The style reminds me a bit of Needtobreathe. The song’s imperative is to be more conscious of who we are and how we live. That’s a pretty worthwhile message!

The Born Love – “Badlands”
-It’s pretty impossible to hear this song without thinking of Beck. It’s got that chill electric guitar and understated lead vocal. That said, it’s a really cool ethos to it. The smooth vibe makes it one of those tracks that can even sometimes feel like Bon Iver. It fits right into whatever playlist you’re putting together. Once you get to the jump, though, it moves from cool indie pop into something worth dancing about.

Bradford Loomis – “Wind and Woe”
-If it’s Americana you want, Bradford Loomis is your type of act. His vocal is just gruff enough to pull you in. His songwriting is really solid, including the rich textures of Americana here. Whether it’s the rowdy guitars or the raucous rhythm section, the song defies genre in favor of communicating an emotion. It reminds me a little of Don Henley, a little of Don McLean. Give it a spin.

Jutaun – “My Dear”
-This is a fantastic folk song with a really incredible arrangement. The vocal harmonies here are really exceptional. Honestly, bands like Jutaun are why we got into blogging in the first place. These guys should be much more popular so do them a solid and go follow their socials. Feel the inspiring lyrics “may these words be revelation… remind you you’re still alive!” What an inspiring and powerful song. Stick around for the guitar/organ work on the bridge!

Emily Lockett – “My Memory”
-If you enjoy acoustic singer songwriters, Emily Lockett is definitely someone you’ll want to hear. Her voice reminds me a bit of Hailey Klinkhammer, who we featured her a few years ago. She has a vocal sincerity about her that is really endearing. The song is vivid and richly written. Take it serious because this is not bubblegum pop; it’s serious, thoughtful music.

Noah Mroueh – “Morning Dawn”
-From the moment you press play on this track, you’ll start moving. It’s joyful and just a ton of fun. It also has a really optimistic message about looking forward to new days and new opportunities. The style is mostly pop, but it also has undertones that will put you in mind of Jack Johnson or Michael Franti’s island music. Don’t sleep on the guitar work, either. Good stuff.

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