Album Review: The Old Kraftsmen – Tilting at Windmills (NewMusicFriday – Ep. 33 Winner)

The Old Kraftsman has an old fashioned style. From the start of the album you’ll feel a sense of joy and delight. It’s a nice, refeshing feeling to listen to what could be characterized as folk or Americana music.

The opening song “Proud as a Peacock (Song for Morley)” is an uptempo track defined by great harmonies. One of my favorite parts of the track is the old school piano, honkytonkin’ along in the background. It all slides together really comfortable. Well-worn hand, meet glove.

“Souvenir” takes off with a complex guitar part and some intriguing soundscapes. The vocal is subdued, scaled to the more relaxed song overall. It’s a completely different sound than the opener. “Record Machine” has a style a bit more reflective of maybe the 70s. The guitars on this one scream of more of a folk rock style to me.

“Prison Cell” has a nice rolling rhythm and style, a bit like “Wagon Wheel.” The best part of the song is the vocal harmony. It’s an engaging yet comforting track. “Flowers” feels like a 70s hippie track, a bit of an Eagles style peaceful easy feeling vibe. Some of the acoustic guitar tricks on this one, like others, are complicated and expertly delivered.

The final track “Lay Down Your Guns” is a good track. It finishes out the album nicely with a relaxing vibe to it. The vocal comes across as sincere. When the harmonies come in, the song takes off with a nice classic pop flavor.

Fans of 70s folk rock music will find a lot to like with this album. There are different directions to the music, but all in all it works. The harmonies are the highlight, so I hope future Old Kraftsman albums will have a bit more of that style.

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