Three Exceptional Singer Songwriters to Make Your Day – #MusicMondayMarathon

Hey if you’re about some feel good, timeless music, we’ve got you covered today. There’s some great stuff in these three tracks. If you’re digging this, the best favor you could give us is to share it with your friend who loves music. You know the one. Cut, paste, share with smile. Thanks!

Duncan Hill – “Time’s Moving Faster”
-If you like peaceful, easy folk rock music then Duncan Hill is the man for you. This song reminds me of a sort of Tom Petty hybrid, keeping me smiling and relaxing all at once. It’s a great style overall that addresses getting older, but also living with richness and joy.

Kris Angelis – “Heartbreak is Contagious”
-Kris Angelis has the kind of voice that is a perfect balance of power and lightness. It really bounces through the song with confidence and grace. The folksy style of the song overall is really addictively good. This is one of those songs that is greater than the sum of its parts; it all comes together for a composition that I really enjoy.

Jessica Lamb – “Heavy”
-When I listen to this track, I immediately think of Fleetwood Mac. That’s a huge compliment. It’s just this cool timeless rock sound that is quality. The song keeps your head bobbing and Lamb’s vocals cut right through the air. For a more modern comparison, I’d say this sounds like the Spring Standards (also good company). Great stuff.

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