#MusicMondayMarathan – A musical grab bag for fans of rock, folk, and roots music!

What fun is it to have a playlist where every song sounds the same? That’s no darn fun at all. So let’s bring it all. Let’s have a few we can dance to, a few we can cry to, and a few that just make us want to kick back. Put the earbuds in or headphones on… or better yet let the speakers go wild… and enjoy an evening mix to cap off this #MusicMondayMarathon. Don’t forget to tune in next week. I mean heck, you don’t even need to turn a dial and find a station. Just click on the website that you bookmarked (right?) or check your email (since you signed up) and get your weekly (or better yet daily) dose of the swinginest, swanginest, happiest, banginest tunes in town.

Fanny and the Attaboys – “Simple Love”
-If you like music from the 1920s, you’ll love this track. The thing is, it’s done in that old style but feels as fresh as Friday. From the wailing clarinet to a spectacular lead vocal and even a little bit of rat-tat-tat in the rhythm section, it’s the kind of song that has you thinking of a bygone era and a current love.

Martyn Crocker – “Hold Your Hand”
-This is a somber acoustic song. The lead vocal from Crocker is high quality. The range feels like could really cover quite a bit, but the song itself is pretty high. With that high desperation and pleading sensibility in the song, it really feels like a fresh take on an older emo style track. Maybe not for everyone, but definitely for a lot of our listeners. “You’re on my mind all the while…”

The Locksmiths – “Willy’s Back Porch”
-Here’s another raucous Americana song that’s sure to put a lot of smiles on faces. The lyrics are incredibly clever, focusing on the influence of moonshine. It’s a really cool song in the sense that it has the joyful “reel” feeling of “Wagon Wheel” with lyrics that bite. It’s a song that defies genres in some ways, with an aggressive almost rock vocal stealing the show over some classic Americana and bluegrass sounds. It’s worth checking out for sure.

Black Honey – “Somebody Better”
-Now for some rock, let’s turn to a band that sounds a bit like Blondie, with a group called Black Honey. It’s a dynamic synth and vocal heavy sound. Even though the guitars are strong, the anthemic style is sure to win a lot of nodding heads. The layers of the sound feel a little 80s at times, but not in a bad way. More than anything, the lead vocal holds the track together.

Caswell – “Animal”
-Whether you make the comparison with Maggie Rogers or some other melodic new folk artist, there’s a definitely soulful spirited vibe to Caswell. The lead vocal is about as good as we’ve heard all year, honestly. The groove is both comforting and pushes you a little. I enjoy how the layers of the electronic sounds don’t feel too overbearing and actually keep the vocal from soaring too far from the central ethos of the song. It’s smooth and rewarding.

Marc Scibilia – “Summer Clothes”
-You could call Marc Scibilia a “friend of the program.” We’ve been covering him for what feels like years. That said, we love this track even if we didn’t know his name. The opening feels like just another acoustic singer songwriter, but then there’s an energy that picks up and makes it something a bit more like indie pop. The flavor of the song is endearing, like a familiar story from an old friend. I can’t listen to it without having flashing images of my own past… and some summer clothes I wore, too.

KYTOON – “The Savorless Cup of Sadness”
-You may not know it from our shiny veneer, but the editors of this site can be a bit melancholy. Part of why we connect with artists like Kytoon is that we feel the way they see the world. It can be such a delicious, savory soup. Been there. That said, this song, what with it’s optimistic vibe and cheery irony, works out really well. It’s more of the kick up your feet and listen song, less the dance jam, but thoughtful, provocative, and in the fullest sense… interesting.

Grayson Ty – “What We Do for Love”
-This is a gorgeous composition and a really good song. Grayson Ty’s style is pure as the driven snow. I really like the harmonies when they come in, but even before that Ty’s style is really enjoyable. The romantic lyrics are solid, coming across as genuine and meaningful. It’s the kind of acoustic singer songwriter song that could very easily make its way onto a soundtrack or film score. It’s light and heavy at the same time.

GRMLN – “27 Kids”
-Now back to some kickin’ rock, check out GRMLN, a fun and catchy rock band. I can’t really wrap my head around every lyric here, but it seems to really be about conflict. The sound is so upbeat and cool, though, that I don’t even need to get the lyrics totally. It’s the kind of track I can picture putting on a playlist and jamming while I walk down the street. I can just see me bobbing my head to this, looking at all those kids on the street like “what? You can’t handle me.” It’s cockiness in audio form… or as my note sums it “rad indie pop rock.”

Luc – “New Rock City”
-Here’s one to close out the dance and head home. What a night? Am I right? Luc’s sound is one that we’ve featured in the past, but we just can’t pass it up. The sound is addictive and the inherent suspense in this composition is really good. There’s something to love about a lyric like “what’s the point of beauty if you never just lose it?” Wow. Astonishingly deep for what comes across as a snappy pop rock tune. Instead, it’ll leave you thinking… and maybe dreaming.

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