What’s it like to try out for The Voice? An interview with Dame Cassandra!

We’re all about learning how artists “make it” in the industry, so we asked a friend of the site Dame Cassandra about her recent experiences trying out for NBC’s hit show The Voice. We think you’ll really enjoy her insights here:

1) So first of all can you tell us a little bit about the type of music you typically make. Who are you as an artist?
I have always been an old soul & I am influenced by a lot of different blues artists. I don’t consider myself to be super nailed down to one genre. I tend to love singing songs that give me the ability to truly emote the lyrics and emerse myself in the music. I love singing raspy melodies and rock wails. I also have a background in Musical Theater and love to add drama to my performances!

2) What gave you the idea to audition for the Voice?
I’ve always loved the premise of the show, and would love to have the opportunity to be mentored by these huge artists in the industry. Not to mention, it’s great exposure for any musician trying to be heard.

3) What was it like auditioning and what happened in the process for you?
I’ve actually auditioned twice in the past year. I went to Philly in 2016, and Baltimore just last month. In Philly, the audition process was much quicker than the Baltimore process. I believe this was because Philly had two audition days whereas Baltimore only had one. I registered online with an artist profile and although you schedule an audition time, it’s pretty much a cattle call. After waiting in line (4 hours for Baltimore, 1 for Philly), I registered, and they put the artists in groups of 10. We then went into a conference room with 1 producer. We were all called up to sing a cappella one by one. After hearing our songs, the producer then chooses if they want to hear another song from any artist, and decides who is moving on. Unfortunately, at both auditions, no one in my group made it through. If one were to make it through the first round, they would go on to another set of producers to be interviewed and asked to sing 2-3 other song choices with accompaniment. From there, it’s on to the Blinds!!

4) What advice would you give to someone else planning to audition for the show?
I would stress that you go into it not trying to compete with other singers, but to be the best, most authentic version of yourself. These producers have many different qualities that they’re looking for, and individuality is a must. Also, if at first you don’t succeed, try again! So many artists audition every year and although it’s a longshot, you never know when you could sing the right note for the right producer!

5) Would you characterize it as a good experience overall? It was a great experience! Not only did I make new friends while standing in line, I came home with so much more drive and determination to make music. It’s like the combined energy of all the passion and emotion of the artists in that room supercharged me!

6) Here’s the big one. Did you get to meet the famous coaches?
Unfortunately I did not. I’m planning on going back, so maybe I’ll have a different answer for you later this year! ? Just being heard by these huge artists would be a dream come true!

7) What would you do differently if you could do it all over again?
I plan on continuing to audition as long as they’ll let me. I will continue to be as authentic as possible and continue working on my sound and skill set.

8) What would you like our readers to know about your music?
My favorite thing about music is how it connects people. If I can make one person relate to my emotion in song, then I feel I’ve succeeded. I’ve started a personal project that I’m calling “A Cover a Day”, and I’m posting daily clips of my music to Instagram. Follow me @damecassandra to check it out!

Photo credit: Instagram @damecassandra

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