#MusicMondayMarathon – Alt Country jams to get you moving

Here are four alt country jams to get you moving this Monday.  Please share on social media with our hashtag #MusicMondayMarathon.

James Eliot Jones – “Black to Blue”
-Jones reminds me a little of friend of the site Kyle Cox. There’s a nice twang to the guitars, which works really nice with the endearing lyrics. It has that tongue-in-cheek humor so often the case in classic country music like Johnny Cash or Hank Sr. It’s a fun semi-romantic song that’ll get you moving.

Scott McWatt – “Everything Round Here”
-If you’re a fan of emerging alt country music, give Scott McWatt a serious listen. He has a good alt country vocal style and the full-throated band sound to make it work. The “everything round here makes me think of you” line is perfectly nostalgic. I think anyone who has ever left and then returned to a place can relate to it.

Eric Saint Nicholas – “Highway Rhymes”
-Eric Saint Nicholas is a captivating songwriting. Something about his vocal feels ancient. He has an old soul’s gruffness in the way that we all love Joshua James. The sound is infectious and makes you listen a little more carefully. The concept of listening to someone’s complicated rhymes is fascinating, if a bit like a house of mirrors.

Mel Bryant – “Just As Well”
-Imagine the softness of Jessica Lea Mayfield with a slightly more melodic style – that’s Mel Bryant. She’s no less dark, also reflecting on some really deep and powerful themes. The sadness invoked in “Just As Well” is perfect for coping with a breakup or empathizing with the ends of things. Mel Bryant’s vocal and songwriting styles are intimate and captivating in all the ways we expect alt country to be.

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